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For those who love puzzle solving and fun games, the Human Fall Flat apk is the best. With so many streamers gaining popularity, now is the perfect time to play this amazing game.......!
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Human Fall Flat APK:

It’s hard to find unique games with so many different gaming modes, interesting gameplay, and high-quality graphics. Luckily, we have brought you an exciting game that comes with these features and allows you to play as a character in the game. The game is Human Fall Flat Apk which is the best RPG puzzle game where you will have to defend yourself in the most difficult locations in the game.

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In this Human Fall Flat Apk game, you will play as a unique character named gel and it is based on a floating fantasy world. Moreover, it is very hard for you to control this character because it is a gel-like creature. However, the main objective of the game is to help the character so that he can escape the fantasy world and overcome all the obstacles on his way to defeating Parker.

About Human Fall Flat apk game:

Human Fall Flat is one of the famous and unique puzzle games offered by Tomas Sakalauskas and released by Curve Digital for various devices, such as Android and iOS. In this interesting game, you can do lots of things to defend yourself and escape from that place, like jump, run, ride, and grab anything.

Human Fall Flat APK Image

Also, the Human Fall Flat apk is known as an open-world game; this means you can explore 12 complex game levels and challenging levels called puzzles. You have to use your brain to solve them completely. Humans: Fall Flat features a mobile version-like puzzle game that combines adventure with a unique building style.

Short Description:

Game NameHuman Fall Flat Game
Offered ByTomas Sakalauskas
File Size1.25 GB
Released ByCurve Digital
Operating SystemAndroid / iOS
System RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
ModesSingle-Player, Multiplayer
Game Installs10 K+

Some of the Features of this Human Fall Flat Game:

Simple controls:

One of the main reasons to play this Human Fall Flat Android game is its simple controls, which are easy to understand. Due to its interesting physics mechanism, you must try to learn control before playing the game and understand how to run, jump, and perform other moves easily. With precise touch controls, each character figure is easy to control, but you need to get it right to perform tricks and actions. You must have full control over the character while solving puzzles. A unique game control system is fun and exciting.

Solve tricky puzzles:

You also have to solve different types of puzzles in this Human Fall Flat Apk game. They are not the same as puzzles for kids, but they are real puzzles that will exercise the power of your brain. With different puzzles, you have to use your brain to solve them and move on. Analyze the puzzle, think about the available solutions, and try everything until you solve the puzzle and reach the level. If you can’t solve the puzzle in time, you will start from the beginning of the puzzle. Puzzles are very difficult, and you need to train your mind to get the clues and create the solution.

Excellent Graphics:

Furthermore, these human-fall flat graphics come with high-quality graphics that make this game more enjoyable and thrilling to play. The graphics are bright and colorful and won’t lag behind even on a cheaper smartphone. All characters, puzzles, and scenes are detailed and give you the best gaming experience on your smartphone. The best part is that you can adjust the image quality to your needs for smooth playback.

Customize your Character:

When you start this Human Fall Flat Apk game, you will encounter a white hue. However, in this game, you will be able to customize your character to your liking. You can change hats, hair colors, models, shirts, pants, shoes, character colors, and more. There are many great customization options available in this game. So if you want your character to look like a doctor, you can do it easily. Whether you want to customize your character is entirely up to your taste.

How to play the Human Flat Fall game?

There is no doubt that the Human Fall Flat Apk game comes with amazing and exciting gameplay that is very easy to play. In this game, the player’s task is to access hidden locations and unlock new maps by controlling Bob’s character from a location on the map. It’s similar to adventure games, but this game doesn’t ask you to do anything complicated.

On the go, the game fulfills the simplest needs, and you can solve them in a special way without worrying about time. This means that players are free to do whatever they want in the game, whether they are having fun, making fun of others, or wandering around to discover new places.

What are the Various Gaming modes in this Human Fall Flat Game?

Multiplayer mode:

For maximum fun and team play experience, you can enable online multiplayer mode in the human fall desktop Android game download. With the multiplayer mode, you can compare yourself with your friends online or with players from all over the world for a faster game. You can run your own local multiplayer server or join a global server where you can play with thousands of players online for maximum enjoyment. In multiplayer mode, you have to be smarter than all the other players to advance and make it faster.

Cooperative mode:

The Human Fall Flat apk game allows up to four players to play in the game. In cooperative mode, you can play with your friends and solve puzzles in Human Fall Flat. Sometimes it seems to me that puzzles are made for multiplayer rather than single-player. Like most people, you have many new solutions that you never thought of before. Successful or not, taking this fun trip with friends is enough for my weekend.

What are the system requirements to play this game?

Before starting the free download, make sure your mobile meets the minimum system requirements.

  • Operating system: Android / iOS
  • Memory (RAM): Requires 4GB of RAM.
  • Requirements: Android 4.1+ or iOS 10+
  • Processor: Need the latest processor
  • Space required: 2 GB

Human Fall Flat Game: Pros and Cons?


  • The Human Fall Flat apk game comes with interesting gameplay that is full of adventure.
  • Another reason to play this game is that it allows you to play with four players or solo.
  • Also, it gives you an interesting experience because of its smooth graphics.
  • Moreover, the Human Fall Flat game is Compatible with all devices.
  • Furthermore, the game comes with a customization feature that allows you to customize the character according to your choice.
  • Most interestingly, this Human Fall Flat game can be updated via the Google Play store.


  • One of the main cons of this Human Fall Flat app game is the control system which seems to be difficult to understand.
  • Another reason is that you need a good internet connection to play this game.
  • Furthermore, Human Fall Flat game may show sometime error or crashes because of its old version.


Positive Reviews:

User 1:

 I don’t usually give out ratings anymore, but here we go with another MORE detailed edit. So, you need to pass enjoyable levels with strangers or your friends. They added a new level, so you better know science, btw. Did I mention that you can create your character instead of having a plain boring white one? And overall, from the start, when I got this game in 2020, it was fun playing this game. I hope yall have a great experience playing this game. 😃😀😄😁

User 2:

This game is entertaining, especially with friends. Everything is perfect except for one thing. The controls are terrible, and also the jump is significantly delayed. 80% of the to. e to try to move the joystick, it doesn’t work, and moving the camera is very hard. My only complaint is the controls, but everything else about the game is excellent. Developers, I hope you see this, and please fix the controls.

User 3:

I love this a lot. My main issues are the Castle level. It is frustrating to complete solo, if not nearly impossible (metaphorically); however, this game is too charming. Second: Input delay while in someone else’s game can be impossible to live with. I suggest having a connection strength indicator next to each lobby. 1/4, 4/4… etc. other than that, I’m giving five stars because this game is so golden.

Negative Reviews:

User 1:

The game itself is fantastic, but the problem is the controls and the bugs; in the middle of the game, my character freezes, and the only way I can move is by quitting. Oh, and for some reason, there are no multiplayer lobbies. Like, no. Not at all. I barely find any lobbies; even if I do, it’s just one or two—no more than that. And most of the time, the server just randomly freezes and unfreezes my character, which isn’t very pleasant. Devs, please have a look at my issues.

User 2:

It needs some serious work, I understand making a game more challenging to make it more exciting and give a sense of accomplishment, but the controls are garbage. Who thought a dual sliding bar on a touch screen was a good idea when controlling the character’s arms? Pulling oneself up on long jumps is an exercise in futility where you will have more luck winning the lottery without buying a ticket. The concept itself is near. However, the hand controls are the absolute suck and ruin it for me

Final Words:

For those who love puzzle solving and fun games, the Human Fall Flat apk is the best. With so many streamers gaining popularity, now is the perfect time to play this amazing game with your friends or with millions of active players around the world. In this article, we have helped to share the Human Fall Flat download link and detailed installation guide for this game. All you have to do is download the APK, install it according to the given steps and enter the unknown world of Human Fall Flat.

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