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Players can team up with old or new friends. To unlock some exciting abilities, players have the opportunity to use their best dodge tactics every time they touch the device's screen.
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As you know, role-playing games are popular all over the world because of their interesting gameplay and storylines. This is because they give you the opportunity to live the life of a character in the game. There are many different RPG games on the market. So, if you want something unique, trying Cookie Run Kingdom Apk is the best choice for you.

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Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the most famous and played kingdom-building RPG games in which you are the leader of a cookie tribe and have cute enemies who are evil and destroying everyone. This game is all about the battle between good and evil. Here, you can create some delicious buildings. This could be jelly factories, dessert houses, etc. These houses will be the houses of your people. They have cookie-like characters as their citizens.

Many different cookies in your kingdom have special abilities and skills. You can find them and group them according to their characteristics. This way, you can create an army of like-minded cookies to fight against enemies in the Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game.

Cookie Run Kingdom APK is one of the best role-playing games provided by DevSisters Corporation for various devices like Android, iOS, and more. This is a colorful game full of cookies and cakes. A world full of adventure and excitement invites you!

Cookie Run Kingdom APK

Through the interactive interface, you can set off to interact with other players, engage in battles, build empires, uncover the mysteries of the past, and find traces of great cookie heroes. In this adventure, the cookie dwellers have the task of rebuilding the kingdom destroyed after a sweet war and protecting the reclaimed land from forest monsters who decided to attack the ginger.

Short description:

Game NameCookie Run: Kingdom
File Size1.50 GB
PlatformsAndroid & iOS
RequirementsAndroid 5.5+
Rating4.5/ 5.0

Fight with enemies:

One of the main reasons to play this Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game is that you can team up with your friends and participate in guild wars in the game. You can continue to explore different battles where you can team up and fight with your cookie army against a common enemy.

You will find various powerful biscuit characters in your kingdom. You can then create different types of cookies with different abilities, all based on their specific skills and abilities. This faction gives you additional control over your army when fighting enemies.

Build Sweet Empire:

This game is all about delicious, sweet food. The citizens are cookies, and the building is cake-like and sweet-shaped with various objects. In this game, there are cute jelly factories, chocolate and ice cream houses, etc.

200+ Levels:

The Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game contains more than 200 levels, each level has many different missions and missions. You can trade in the market and complete the quest. Gather the resoresources do the quest. These are some of the missions that you can look forward to in the game’s easy mode.

Cute heroes:

The inhabitants of the Gingerbread Kingdom are very cute. Each cookie man in Cookie Run: Kingdom has a unique appearance, with wide eyes and clear vision. The main character of the game is the Gingerbread Man surrounded by his cute friends who help him in battle. Each friend of the main character has individual external features that cannot cause admiration.

Character Stories:

In the game you will find many interesting characters to interact with. Each has its own story that affects the main story of the game. So many surprises are waiting for you in the game.

Graphics and sound:

Pleasant classical music accompanied by funny violin sounds in the background of the Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game make it more enjoyable to play. However, in all the cutscenes, the actor still has to hear a lot of different melodies with the participation of different musical instruments. Also thanks to the high-quality graphics, the player will enjoy the game. The game’s environment is also pleasing to the eye, and each detailed character draws attention.

The Interesting Storyline:

The story of this Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game is about a confectionery kingdom that collects the sweetest and most delicious confectionery in the world. One day the Candy Kingdom found itself in a dangerous situation when it faced a fierce attack of ugly monsters. All of the kingdom’s mightiest heroes have been defeated by the fierce siege of monsters. They were getting stronger and stronger, and if nothing stood in their way, the whole kingdom would soon be on fire.

Cookie Run Kingdom APK

With your unyielding will, extraordinary skill and unshakable fighting skills, you have gathered the best warriors in the kingdom to destroy the monsters and rebuild the shattered kingdom. The responsibility of revitalizing the kingdom, bringing peace and happiness to the people of the kingdom weighs heavily on you and the warriors.

The Gameplay:

As for the gameplay of Cookie Run Kingdom Apk your main task is to build a rich, advanced and delicious empire like Rise of Empires. Therefore, you need the help of your citizens. You can give them tasks and they will work for you.

The game has more than 200 story missions, each with different characters and their own stories. In other words, the story changes based on the different characters you interact with at each stage of the game.

Players can team up with old or new friends. To unlock some exciting abilities, players have the opportunity to use their best dodge tactics every time they touch the device’s screen.

In the Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game, you can enjoy some historical battles and even more epic animations during the gameplay. Players can use the in-game rewards they earn by discovering the mysteries of the past to build an amazing cookie kingdom.


  • A city-building game that you can customize and decorate to perfection
  • A kingdom builder that allows you to build unique decorations, parks, wooden shops, jelly factories and more!
  • In this Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game, you have to assemble the ultimate cookie team that’s too cute to beat
  • A fast-paced combat RPG with epic combat animations where you lead your warriors to victory.
  • Unlock brand new Cookie characters with the Cookie Cutters game. .
  • A Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game in which you can complete daily missions to get a power boost for your cookies.
  • Collect rare cookie ingredients to upgrade your cookies’ special abilities
  • An idle RPG in which you restore the glory of the kingdom.


  • Your phone must meet the minimum requirements to get a high-quality graphics experience.
  • A good internet connection is required for a lag-free gaming experience
  • Moreover, your phone may get heated while playing the Cookie Run Kingdom Apk game for a long time.
  • In addition, it doesn’t come with an auto update feature.

Positive Reviews:

User 1:

Laksh Mulley: It’s a fun game. The pace of the game is perfect and easy to understand. It has everything a game needs to have an excellent interactive story, many characters, a long adventure, action, strategy, and some cute NPCs. It also runs on two pretty cool GB RAM if settings are correctly adjusted. Overall a perfect and complete game.

User 2:

Supriya Singh: This game is excellent. Four and a half stars. It is not complete because the maintenance sometimes drags on, but they give us rewards. I think they should make rainbow cubes a bit more accessible because I haven’t pulled for costumes in a long time. Otherwise, the animations, characters, skills, etc., are very nice.

User 3:

Zoe Hall: Great game! I’ve been playing for a few months now. Addictive and easy to collect coins and diamonds, unlike other games. There are multiple ways of getting to the top without spending real money. Cons: it doesn’t play unless I’m connected to wifi (it’ll kick me out), pretty tricky to get costumes, level up cookies, and get past certain levels, and lastly, the new Sky Garden doesn’t work with the landmark achievement since the landmarks aren’t technically in my kingdom.

User 4:

Azure Pawz: I LOVE THIS GAME!! The graphics are amazing, the story, the characters, the fact that you can do countless things linked to each other, like building the kingdom producing stuff, sending balloon expeditions, exploring the world, guild battling, etc.! But the thing that super impressed me is that this game is FREE and contains NO ADS AT ALL!! Not even ads you ask for to grant rewards. The only way to support the developers is through in-app purchases.

Negative Reviews:

User 1:

Ann Rose: It’s an excellent cute game. However, it gets boring after some time as most tasks and missions are about the same. And sometimes, it gets harder to pull for the new cookies, which can get annoying as we’ve tried so hard to save the crystals. Well. I guess that’s how the game is.

User 2:

Submeggor YT: I enjoyed playing this game and have made tremendous progress, but I’ve also had a horrible experience with connection stability and log-in. Recently it has taken me five times to log in; the 1st 2nd & 3rd attempt takes me to the home screen, 4th would use the excuse of “unstable network” when the network is excellent not to let me in, and only in the 5th-7th attempt will I log in. And whenever I return to check CR: K after leaving it in the background to check another app, it freezes and crashes.

Final Words:

That’s all about this Cookie Run Kingdom Game in this post and we are confident that you will love to play this game as well with your friends or alone. So if you love sweet food and like to eat cookies then you must play this Cookie Run Kingdom Apk. Here you will find great features that most RPG games don’t have.

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