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uTorrent Pro APK allows you to download large files much faster. It also allows you to choose wifi mode for downloading and select where to save the downloaded files.
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µTorrent Pro APK overview: You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a torrent APK file with many features but a simple interface. uTorrent Pro features ad-free download, battery saver, and more. Read on to learn more! Below, we’ll talk about the main benefits of this torrent client. Read on to discover how uTorrent Pro works and why it’s the best option for most users.

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µTorrent Pro is a torrent client with a few advantages over other torrent clients. Its battery saver feature, no ads, and speed are all reasons to consider it over the free version. Hopefully, you’ll find this app helpful.

What is uTorrent Pro APK?

uTorrent Pro is a torrent client with a few advantages over other torrent clients. Its battery saver feature, no ads, and speed are all reasons to consider it over the free version. Hopefully, you’ll find them helpful. Read on to learn about this torrent client! It has got top ratting as one of the best apps on Google Play, and it has a battery saver mode!

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uTorrent Pro APK is a robust torrent client that offers valuable features. Its integrated video and music player help you organize your downloads. Moreover, you can reduce battery and hardware consumption by choosing the correct destination for your downloads. One of its most attractive features is its partial download option. With this feature, you can select the files you want to download and then wait for the rest of them to finish.

uTorrent is among the most popular torrent clients, with paid and free versions available. uTorrent’s P2P BitTorrent sharing protocol is prevalent because it allows users to download huge files with minimum effort.

Features Of uTorrent Pro APK:

  • Besides torrent downloads, uTorrent Pro APK also supports audio and video streaming.
  • The program runs in the background and can get controlled remotely.
  • It also features a powerful client for local peer discovery. This is an excellent option if you have a Windows or Linux device. It only uses 25% of your CPU and can download torrents instantly. While the client isn’t perfect for older devices, its user interface makes it a valuable torrent downloader.
  • One of the best features is its remote downloading capability, which lets you add torrents from your mobile device to your PC, which means you can download them when you are away from your computer. The App is handy when your phone cannot handle the file.
  • You can also download a large file to your phone while offline. The best part of uTorrent Pro is that it’s free!
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  • uTorrent Pro APK is a lightweight application with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Its clean and intuitive design has carefully placed panels and tabs, and it is easy to understand how it functions.
  • It is also completely free of advertisements, meaning you won’t have to worry about being bombarded with them while using the application.
  • It also features an integrated music player and a video player.
  • The main screen features a list of available distributions and the current speed and time left.
  • The application also features a progress bar with a percentage of uploaded files.
  • You can also turn off the App’s active hand while running in the background.
  • Another convenient feature is the partial download feature. This option allows users to select specific files for download and upload them to a different location, which can speed up the entire process.
  • The interface is clean, and you can even manage your torrents while browsing the internet.

Some other functions in brief:

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uTorrent Pro is a torrent client:

uTorrent Pro APK is an excellent choice for users using the torrent protocol to download media files. Its user-friendly interface can be used with a standard HD media player, and its features are endless. Using uTorrent Pro is a great way to enjoy your favorite media files on your Android device. And because it’s free, you won’t have to worry about ad-free downloads.

Several Languages:

uTorrent Pro APK has several languages. You can change the language to speak the language of your choice, and this is useful if you don’t understand English well. Besides, you can also choose to use your device’s inbuilt keyboard to use the program. As a result, the app can be used in various settings, ranging from basic to complex.

Battery saver:

The APK has several features, including a battery saver, which shuts down the application when the device reaches a low battery level. The application is battery-friendly, so it will not consume a great deal of battery life while it is running. It also enhances the graphics of video content, which is the most critical aspect of video content.

To keep battery usage to a minimum, uTorrent Pro APK has an integrated music and video player. Integrated media players place downloaded files in their folders to improve the quality of images and minimize power consumption.

It has no ads:

The uTorrent Pro APK has no advertisements and is entirely free to download.. The free version doesn’t have any ads, but you will be forced to pay a fee for some of the premium features.

It is fast:

The uTorrent Pro APK is a great program to download torrent files on your Android device. It comes with built-in music and video player, and you can listen to downloaded material right within the application. Moreover, uTorrent supports mp3 music and video. Its speed and ease of use will make it the best torrent client for your Android device. There is also a dedicated wifi-only mode, which can save battery power.

Reviews By Users:


  • Using uTorrent Pro APK will have a clean interface that follows the Material Design concept. Its interface is straightforward, with a tabbed menu and a link to search for torrents. The menu also offers a place to add magnet links.
  • Unlike other apps, uTorrent Pro APK is ad-free and offers ad-free downloads. The application has a relatively small capacity and takes up less space on your device. Furthermore, it doesn’t take up much space, so it is popular among Android users. Although it is available for all platforms, it is arguably the best choice for anyone looking for a quality, ad-free experience.
  • uTorrent Pro APK provides a customizable, easy-to-use interface, doesn’t restrict the download speed, and is highly effective.
  • The app supports magnet links and RSS feeds. Users can even choose which files to download, making downloading torrents more efficient.


  • While the application lacks some features, it does offer the highest-rated service. And the simple interface and ease of use make it the preferred option for many Android users.

FAQs About uTorrent Pro APK:

Does uTorrent offer an ad-free download?

If you’d like to experience ad-free download and browsing on your Android device, uTorrent Pro APK may be for you. The free version of the application is just fine, but if you want to avoid the interruption of ads, uTorrent Pro offers ad-free download and ad-blocking.

Does uTorrent provide a facility to watch movies and TV Shows?

Yes, uTorrent pro provides a facility to watch movies and tv shows. Watching a good movie or TV show can relax, but many people pay to stream this content. Luckily, uTorrent Pro APK allows you to watch any movie or TV show you want without any ads. You can choose to watch a movie or TV show from various genres, including film and TV shows.

Which is the Ideal choice between uTorrent and uTorrent Pro?

If you want to avoid the interruption of ads while downloading torrents, uTorrent Pro APK is an ideal choice. This App has many advanced features. For one, uTorrent Pro uses fewer system resources than uTorrent for Android. You’ll also benefit from its intelligent seeding system, which looks for the best pieces to seed. The App is also battery-saving and has an auto-shutdown function when there are low battery levels.

Does uTorrent Pro include an integrated music player?

Unlike other torrent apps, uTorrent Pro APK includes an integrated music player. This player enables you to stream your favourite music or video and minimizes hardware and battery usage. It also helps you download faster, as compared to others.

Does uTorrent have battery saver mode?

Unlike the accessible version of uTorrent, the Pro version of the App has a battery saver function that will automatically pause seeding and downloads when the battery runs low. When you’re not using the Pro version, you can manually manage the power saver settings to save battery life. You can also download music and videos. The pro version is compatible with nearly all devices, and here are some of its benefits.

uTorrent Pro APK has a range of new features that make it an excellent torrent client. One of them is its Battery Saver, which automatically stops torrent downloads if the battery is running low. Most P2P users ignore the battery life of their devices, and as a result, their files can become damaged or lost.

How to Download and install uTorrent Pro APK:

To download uTorrent Pro APK with no advertisements, you must first download it from apksAll website. Then, install it on your Android device by following the installation instructions.

  • First, when installing uTorrent Pro APK on your phone, enable the security setting.
  • Next, install the uTorrent Pro APK.
  • Make sure to enable the ‘unknown sources’ option.
  • If you haven’t installed uTorrent before, do it now.
  • You will be glad you did!

The App will pause and run in the background when your download is complete. It also blocks banner ads, which can be annoying when trying to save battery life. It also allows disabling the active hand while running in the background.

Pros and cons:


  • While uTorrent is free to use, its ads may annoy you.
  • While watching advertisements may be an inconvenience, users will appreciate that the accessible version of uTorrent is constantly being updated.


  • The ad-free feature allows users to save battery life by suspending the downloader when the battery reaches a low level.
  • The ad-free and battery-saving features of the pro version make it a must-have app for your device.
  • The App has an auto-shutdown feature that ensures a more efficient battery life.


uTorrent Pro APK allows you to download large files much faster. It also allows you to choose wifi mode for downloading and select where to save the downloaded files. You’ll have a wealth of options to choose from with this app. Just be sure to upgrade if you’re serious about downloading large files. You’ll be glad you did if you want to experience its full benefits, download uTorrent Pro APK today.

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