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The games and graphics are very interesting and quickly addictive. you will feel that your fantasy will come true. Also, while playing the Proud father game and you can also save your progress. More on can replay some scenes.
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Proud Father APK:

If you are fond of playing different mobile or PC games, you must have played an RPG game and we always think that these types of games are similar to each other. But today I am sharing an amazing game that comes with a different concept. Proud Father APK Game is an incest-themed sandbox adventure game with interesting gameplay and high-quality animated graphics. Now, we are telling you more about this proud father game and why it is so different, let us know.

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Proud Father APK Overview:

Proud Father APK Image

Proud Father APK is a famous simulation game for Android users where you can play as a father who has to take care of your child. It is considered a unique role-playing game in which you have to play the role of a father of three daughters whose mother died years ago.

You will be given various tasks and challenges to complete. The game has a great story that will keep you engaged till the end. Dad works hard and earns money by solving puzzles in the game.

There are times when you want to play the dream game and also it consists of selection and progress that make it more enjoyable to play. The plot of the game is very interesting and it is a turning point for this game.

What is a Proud Father APK?

The Proud Father APK is a choice-based fantasy simulation game that can be played on various devices. In this game, you play as a father of three daughters, and the stories are arranged differently based on your choices. The whole story is in your hands. The story of this game revolves around a man in a family with three daughters. Their mother died four years ago and now all the girls are taken care of by their aunt.

Proud Father APK Image

The graphics of this game are realistic and very detailed. You can clearly see the details of the scene and the characters and controls are smooth and easy. This is a choice game and every time new scenes come it depends on your choice. You can also use the Back button to go back and change your selection. There are many options in the settings of this game that allow you to customize the controls.

Proud Father Features Details:

Proud Father APK Image

Proud Father APK is a great RPG game with many features. Some of these features are listed for you to use:

Free to play:

One of the most interesting things about this Proud Father game is that you can get it for free of cost which means you can play without paying any money. Additionally, you can get or download this RPG game from the above-mentioned downloading button in this post.

Custom settings:

It allows you to easily adjust the settings, adjust the sound and control the game. You can also set auto transition time, text size, text speed, etc.

Save progress:

Furthermore, the APK allows you to save any scene in your story to watch anytime. You can also add a description to the saved procedure to make it easier to follow.

Replay the scene:

This option is useful if you want to relive every moment of the game. You can easily replay the scene using the play button. This option is only available in intense scenes.

Custom name:

When you start the game, you can also get the chance to customize the names of all your characters or use the default names. By customizing the title, you can play the game more realistically.

Skip any story:

This APK lets, you browse options to make the game more enjoyable. Thanks to this, you don’t have to look at the whole story and go straight to your choices.

Support Single-player:

Another reason to play this APK Game is that the story of the game can only be played as a single character but with multiple. That’s why this game doesn’t have multiplayer options.

What is the Gameplay of this Proud Father Game?

Proud Father is a simple and easy-to-play game and the story and gameplay of this game are unique and very interesting. As a player, you live in a house full of women to play with. The controls and graphics of this Proud Father APK game are completely customizable.

Proud Father APK Image

You have to follow the story to play this game. As you progress through the story, you will have options to choose from. Depending on your choice, the next scene of the story will change. If you are not satisfied with your selection, you can always go back and change your selection using the Back button. To go to the next scene to play it on a computer, you need to tap the screen or press Enter.

The games and graphics are very interesting and quickly addictive. you will feel that your fantasy will come true. Also, while playing the Proud father game and you can also save your progress. More on can replay some scenes.

Key features of the Proud Father Game:

  • One of the key features of this Proud Father APK game is its unique and attractive design.
  • Moreover, the game comes with high-quality animated graphics that make the game more enjoyable.
  • Most importantly, you can get and play this Proud Father for free.
  • Moreover, the game can be played on both android devices as well as PC.
  • Furthermore, the Proud Father game comes with a unique concept.
  • Also, this RPG game comes with a save and reply feature.
  • Advertising to third parties is prohibited in the game.
  • The story is well written, but the patterns would be more interesting if you weren’t young.

Proud Father game: Pros and Cons?

Just as no one is 100% perfect, no game is perfect in every way. What are its pros and cons?


  • You can open your own store and earn proud Father APK money by selling all kinds of products.
  • The graphics of the Proud Father game make you feel real.
  • The stories of the game are arranged differently based on your choices.
  • Proud Father games can be played on both Android and PC.
  • It is also available on Google Play.


  • Moreover, it is made for adults due to its scenes.
  • Downloading apps from the wrong platform can put your device and data at risk.
  • The Proud Father apk game sometimes may crash automatically.
  • The automatic update feature is not available when downloading from the web.

Final word:

I believe the above details are enough to explain this Proud Father apk game. Another aspect of this game is that it is a visual novel game made for mature players. So we recommend you to try this proud father game and enjoy its fascinating gameplay. If you really believe that you have enough knowledge about the Proud Dad APK, check it out and share it with all your friends who love this kind of APK app.

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