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VirusTotal Mobile APK: This application is certified by 50 different anti-virus products for the security and safety of your Android Device..
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25 Jan 2024
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VirusTotal Apk: VirusTotal Apk is one of the most important software for the security and safety of your Android Mobile Phones. If you want to keep your Android phone safe and secure all the time then you can use this special application named VirusTotal Apk. If this application is installed in your device then you can be assured of protection which you can have from any of the viruses. This application will help users to avoid different trojans, viruses and worms. This will help the users protect their Android Devices from malware sources too.

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This application is certified by 50 different anti-virus products for the security and safety of your Android Device. Now, you will get every detail for the permission required for Android Solutions. If you want to install any unknown application then this software will help you analyze this application. This process of analyzing any application will take a few moments. This will depend on the type of subscription you have taken. If the VirusTotal Apk find any risk and suspicious file then it will put the risk away from your device. This will help the users to prevent any risk in their devices.

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This application provides all the antivirus services to the users with various antivirus programs within it.  After opening this application VirusTotal Apk, you can easily scan problems and unknown sources. Consequently, this will be an automatic process, you need to do many efforts. 

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Different Colours for the indication

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All the dangerous items will appear in red.


All the items which are free from problems will appear in green color.


Items for which there is no information provided will be provided in grey color.

VirusTotal Apk will be equipped with providing you with a complete list of the sources of antivirus programs that are used in specifying the items. The more applications that you will send to scan will provide you ease in the future. Hence, the output will give the users future-oriented results.

Special Features of VirusTotal Apk

  • VirusTotal Apk will help you analyze the application you are downloading and installing on your device.
  • This application will help you check out all the files and URLs. The files are saved and downloaded to your mobile phones.
  • If any of the applications and files, you are downloading on your device are malicious or have any malware source. This application will also warn you about them.
  • Some applications will be kept hidden from the scanning process.
  • Users will also get news about how to get the safety and security of their devices.

Process of checking or scanning any file or application

  • Firstly, you need to enter the URL of any link you want to analyze in the bar specified. 
  • Now, you need to scroll the page and tap on the analyze option. 
  • If there is a green light provided by the software then you can be assured of the safety and security of those files.

Hence, VirusTotal Apk is one of the best applications that will make your device virus-free. Therefore, it will protect your device from different malware sources and malicious files.

Reviews and Recommendations of the VirusTotal Apk

These reviews and Recommendations of VirusTotal Apk are given by the users on PlayStore:

  • Rimjhim Saha said, ” This application is very impressive and helpful for the users as it scans files easily. You can even analyze different URLs too. The antivirus engine working with this application is very effective and efficient. The only limitation she felt for this application was the pre-download scanning aspect. This application is really helpful for the users though there are some improvements it still requires.” She has given four stars to this application.
  • Jurji rated three stars to this application and said, ” I will tell you about both the aspects of this application whether it is good or bad. This application is not suitable as it does not show the progress while scanning. The developers of this application need to work more according to the choices otherwise it is a good option. 
  • Again, Google users said by giving this application five and four stars, “This application is a new and better start for providing amazing features and benefits. It provides the direct scanning of the URL without any fancy bells. This application is ideal for providing real-time protection to users. This is an important tool that should be always there in your devices.”

On the last note

VirusTotal is one of the best defenders and antivirus programs for any device. This application will give you several benefits for providing real-time protection to your Android devices. We have provided you with the right information about this application like reviews and recommendations of the users, the process of scanning any file, features, and different colors to indicate the condition of any file. 

If you still have some doubts in your mind then feel free to ask us in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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