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That's not my neighbor Apk: Are you into horror games? A game that is full of horror and thrill. You will be experiencing a two-dimensional way to face the fear in front of you.
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3 May 2024
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That’s not my neighbor Apk: Are you into horror games? A game that is full of horror and thrill. You will be experiencing a two-dimensional way to face the fear in front of you. Are you ready to be a part of this type of application? Yes, then this amazing application is for you guys only who want to delve into the mystery and have an unforgettable journey. 

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This mobile gaming application was developed by Nacho Sama in February 2024. The story is taking you back to the world of 1955. You will be facing a difficult and hard-to-handle situation. This game will be having its pace in a building’s apartment. Nacho Sama is easy to find on the browser as he has been into the gaming platforms for a long. 

Introduction to That’s Not My Neighbor APK

Before delving more into the aspects of this application, let’s delve more into the introduction of this amicable application to you guys. That’s not My Neighbor is having its gameplay in a building’s apartment and the scenario is of the year 1995. The world was run by “doppelgangers” who are small human creatures. They are creating an illegitimate environment where no human can survive. 

Are you ready to be on the positive side of the world? You need to fight with doppelgangers who are ruining this world for their wicked purposes. If yes, then you need to defend them and stop them from invading the building. We’ll be explaining different aspects of this application, i.e., the Gameplay, all game objects, how to download and install this application, etc. 

Gameplay of That’s Not My Neighbor Android version

  • You have to save the world and protect the building for not to be invaded by doppelgangers.
  • ‘Doppelgangers’ are small mimic creatures who are running the world. They have evil thoughts in their mind to ruin the world. 
  • Your task will be to defend those mimic creatures and stop them from invading the building. 
  • Make sure to check out and identify the specifications of the people living in the building. 
  • The verification will include certain things like verification of their IDs. You can ask them about their house number. Even check through the phone call when visitors arrive on the premises. 
  • The gameplay will become more feracious and mysterious when all the people coming to you are put up in suspicion bars. 
  • Be careful before making any decision, as it will increase the burden and become a question of your work ethic. 

Different Parts of That’s Not My Neighbor iOS

Neighbors Tier 1

115201Romano and Louis (Couple)
266802Roberto and Alberto ( Shoe Maker family)
551303Cipriaonni owner
699604Sverchtz sisters

Neighbors Tier 2

512301Schmitt Family (Couple)
733202Guass Reporter
643103Bubbly Seamstress
134604A chef, some female students

Neighbors Tier 3

NumberFlat NumberNames
142501Professor and psychiatrist
412202A person who is in the business of selling milk
424203Rudboys family
425804Cappuccino couple

Checklist for someone to enter the premises

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  • Always call the person before letting him in on the premises.
  • Now, make sure you have encountered and checked all the details of the person visiting. 
  • Know everything about the work they are doing and their personal information.
  • Check the security window and check if anything sounds malicious and suspicious. 
  • There you will also get an option to remark the visitor for denying or approving the entry. 
  • Please keep track of your entries as it will be easy to remember all the crucial things related to any day.
  • You will even have access to the emergency button. This button can be used immediately when you are sure it’s a doppelganger.
  • Make sure to avoid having direct touch and contact with the visitor. Use that small gap given by the window. 

How do I download and install the updated version of That’s Not My Neighbor APK?

  • Open ( a trustworthy name for downloading different applications).
  • Search in the search box for That’s not my Neighbour Apk.
  • Now, you will get an option to download the file of this application. Make sure you have enabled downloads from unknown sources on your devices.
  • From that file, you can easily install the application on your devices.

Congratulations! You have downloaded one of your device’s most thrilling and horrifying games. Don’t worry about safety and security as we assure you. 

Last Note on That’s Not My Neighbor APK

Th through this article we have tried our best to explain various things related to this application. The developers are regularly working hard to achieve and provide the best user experience for the users. This game will have thrill and adventure in its way. You need to be careful and remember the instructions which we have provided. 

Please give your opinions in the comment box after playing this amicable game. We also want to know your journey with this gaming application. Still have some doubts then you can ask us in the comment box.

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