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The Tentacle Locker Apk game is loaded with sentiment, with a straightforward-to-understand user interface with extremely basic controls and great designs.
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Tentacle Locker APK: Games are one of the most popular means of entertainment presently and if you are a game lover who likes to try out new games so be with us. Nowadays, many and many internet users want to play naughty games, Thanks to that, now we have tonnes of adult games that are fun to play. From the list of adult games, we have found a very interesting game, and that is the Tentacle Locker Apk. It is a very famous game that has a lot of action and some 16+ fun. So if you are curious to know more about the Tentacle Locker Apk, just follow our lead to the end. 

What is The Tentacle Locker Apk?

The Tentacle Locker Apk is developed by The Art Station of Procreate Labs and Digital Arts that is a very unique adult game. The main thing about the Tentacle Locker Apk game is that internet users who are below the age of 16 are prohibited from playing it. This game is completely free to play, on top of that, there are not any hidden charges or even a single ad while you gameplay. The Tentacle Locker APK game gives the vibe of unadulterated and forceful love. It is a heartfelt game and has an essentially engaging story. 

Tentacle Locker Apk image

The game is essentially situated in the storage space of young ladies. You need to acquire young ladies in the locker space and make them dress as you need. You can likewise make them adore you. Few out of every odd time you will get what you need. This game is testing as well. You can likewise get the dismissal from the young ladies. So it won’t be exceptionally simple, you should invest some energy to place the young girls in your net. One more extraordinary factor of the game is you can likewise spellbind the young ladies and do anything you desire. The best components are on the way in the updates.

The Gameplay of the Tentacle Locker Apk:

The Tentacle Locker Apk is comparable in numerous ways to Counter-Strike. It is like the old compensation age of iOS, Android, and computer games yet conveys significantly more. For instance, on the off chance that you hop down, the network time will dial back a little. In this small opening, you have a great benefit over your enemies. If any student watches you, so you have to defeat them as soon as possible. This game is intended for you assuming you need to have a relationship with a girl of your liking. Take your desired girl to your locker and have a good time.  

Tentacle Locker Apk Image

You can play the Tentacle Locker Apk popular game series for free. As you would know, there is a wide range of sorts of great categories in the realm of games. It is additionally a pleasant game with refreshing interactivity and superb gameplay. The Tentacle Locker Apk is an altogether different game where you need to carry the women to the college and lock them with The Tentacles in your closet and force them to wear creased short skirts without wanting to and actuate them to have a relationship with you. 

At the point when young ladies are moving from the locker, you need to press a button that will tie the young women with the help of the Tentacles to the locker. By bringing the young ladies into your storage or locker you can have fun and have a great time. The Tentacle Locker Apk game has an altogether different idea and many individuals track down this game as exceptionally intriguing and amusing to play. Furthermore, the Tentacle Locker Apk game is loaded with sentiment, with a straightforward-to-understand user interface with extremely basic controls and great designs.

Tentacle Locker Apk Image

How to Play the Tentacle Locker Apk?

1. Catch Beautiful Girls

There are a lot of females in this game right now that you may have fun with. There are gorgeous girl girls and adorable girls with various hair colors. There are also golden beauties who provide greater satisfaction than any other. You may enjoy entertaining visuals while watching the females grow enthralled and forget about the school they’re in.

2. Relish Uncut Visuals

You can catch multiple girls in distinct lockers at the same time and watch insane visuals inside the locker rooms. The girls strolling by will be horrified by what they see, but it won’t stop you from realizing your fantasies! Fill your record book by catching as many chicks as you can!

Tentacle Locker Apk Image

3. Exciting Cartoon Animations 

Unlike most modern dating simulators, the game does not feature highly realistic 3D graphics. It does, however, have an original version with amazing cartoon visuals and adorable gals. You’ll be able to play a basic yet enjoyable game! 

What are the Features of the Tentacle Locker Apk serving its users?

The Tentacle Locker Apk without a doubt serves way too many features from their side. It has several features that we are going to read about in detail, so be connected with us.

1. Exciting Gameplay 

Just a half minute ago we talked about the gameplay of The Tentacle Locker Apk. And believe us the gameplay of this game is way too lovely. Although it does not have high-quality graphics, the 2D animation and cartoon graphics make it so adorable. On top of that, the concept of this adult game is completely different, so you would love it if you do like playing different categories of games. 

2. An Ad-Free Gameplay

The gameplay interface of this application does not contain any third-party advertisements. The interface will be completely clean for you and thus you can get an immersive user experience. This feature is a great add-on as it is responsible for giving its user a clean and touchy interface. So what are you waiting for, download this app now!

Tentacle Locker Apk Image

 3. Do not think it is Easy 

If you are thinking that this game is easy you just have to force girls. However, that is not the case there are way too many rejections that you must face by the girls. Other than that, you can also be caught having fun with your girl by other girls and people around your locker. You must finish them, or you will lose the game. You must focus and keep calm during playing The Tentacle Locker Apk. 

4. Far Too Easy Controls to Grab

This game does not have much relation with controls as most things in this app are animations and figures. But three are some places like while penetration and finishing up someone and while grabbing a girl with your locker’s the Tentacles. But the controls of this application are superb. There are no glitches or lags while touching the screen or swiping. 

Tentacle Locker Apk Image

The Tentacle Locker Apk Review:

For gamers who are accustomed to other Android shooting games, the control buttons in The Tentacle Locker Apk are intuitive and simple to use. The device’s joystick controls are in the left corner of the screen. If you wish you must first target the girl you want to catch.

The gameplay, animations, and graphics are very much addictive. It is very much enjoyable and very amusing. It offers engaging and addicting games that will keep you entertained and motivate you to learn more about the planet. The game has pretty simple and intuitive controls as well. When you’re playing games on your smartphone, the screen is tiny. It will be tough to play if the controls are complicated. Thankfully, the game’s controls are simple to use, and you will have no problem playing it.

Tentacle Locker Apk Image

This game is the kind of place where you’ll discover things you didn’t know existed. Others all over the world are looking for new ways to entertain themselves. You’ll find everything you need here, and we’re always exploring new methods to make your experience go further and get more enriched.

How to download and install The Tentacle Locker Apk on an Android device from the Apksall app store?

If you want to play this adult game, first of all, you have to download it on your Android device. So follow the steps given below to download and install The Tentacle Locker Apk successfully:

Step 1. First of all, you would need to download the Tentacle-locker.apk file from this very website by clicking on the green-colored box given above in this post It is completely safe, free, and trustworthy. 

Step 2. After a successful download process, you have to install the apk file on your smartphone. Before doing so, open your device settings pursuit for the “unknown source” settings, after finding it click on allow access with unknown sources.

Step 3. Then search for the apk file that you downloaded a minute ago in all of your directories in your file manager straightaway. Now click on the apk file to open it and press the install button. 

Step 4. In a few minutes, the installation process will be completed and then you now you can play this game and enjoy it.

Pros and Cons of the Tentacle Locker Apk:


1. It has pretty well-developed animations, a plot, and chibi hentai art.

2. It has a pretty huge collection of girl characters.

3. Any version of the program can be downloaded directly from the third-party website. You may access the program archives for most versions and download them based on your requirements and device specifications.

4. Unlike the Play Store, downloading is immediate, and there is no need to wait for the approval procedure, etc.

6. There will be an APK file on your memory card/system memory when you download it. It will be accessible for later use as well. As a result, you may remove and reinstall them several times without having to download anything, which saves you time, as well as data.

Tentacle Locker Apk image


1. The game gets monotonous as there is no visible route of progression.

2. Might get boring over time.

3. Google Play Store does not usually check apps downloaded from third-party sources as a result, your phone might be exposed to security threats. On top of that, the APK files in many instances might include viruses that phish out information or personal data from your phone or cause permanent damage to it.

4. Because your applications do not normally have access to the Google Play Store, they would not update automatically anyhow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of The Tentacle Locker Apk:

Q. Is the Tentacle Locker Apk free to download?

Ans. Yes! It is available for free download. If you want to download this application from an easy source, just go through this site and you will get it. The download instructions and guide are already available above, so make sure you download it and play. 

 Q. Does this apk file include any security risks?

Ans. No, it does not. The file goes under IP scanning every time you request the APK file for downloads. Every security risk gets addressed and resolved then. Furthermore, the game file itself has no malware, virus, or any kind of security threats in it.

Q. What about the in-game ads?

Ans. The game’s most recent edition is devoid of all forms of bothersome advertising that most of the other 18+ adult games generally are flooded with.

Q. Why do I need Android App Permission to install The Tentacle Locker Apk?

Ans. Some programs demand access to your phone’s internal systems. You will be informed of all the permissions necessary to run the app as desired when you install it.

Wrapping up the Mess:

Fantasy shouldn’t have any boundaries. It’s a fun game to play for a while to see whether you can hit the space bar at the proper moment, which is OK for momentary pleasure and happiness, but not for long. We’ve known from the start that this game is a joke. At least that’s what I’d like to believe.

The Tentacle Locker Apk lets you stir through the Girls’ School corridor and wait for the girl to get close to the locker. When they get close, capture the girl of your choice by the Tentacles hidden in the lockers. When the chibi girls pass by, we must open the locker to keep their trap in place and force them to submit. This game is for you if you desire a female who will form a relationship with you. Put the girls in your locker and have fun.

Tentacle Locker Apk

It is just a game, a fragment of imagination and wild fantasies. Make sure to play it and keep all of it limited to the game itself. We hope all of your doubts have now been cleared out and you got a very reliable download service from our app store platform.

We appreciate that you have shared your precious time with us so, Thanks for Reading. 

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