Download Telegram APK v8.4.1 For Android & iOS

What is the Telegram APK?

Telegram also allows its users to edit their messages. This means that the users can also edit the message they have sent in a very simple and easy way by selecting the message. The option to edit the message appears at the top of the chat. The edited message would appear in place of the previous message. This is very useful for the user’s personal and professional purposes.

Telegram has brought new features for secure payment. Moreover, Telegram does not charge any commission. It also does not store any payment information, so the details are kept safe.

Telegram has also launched a new feature that invites speakers and listeners to voice chat and communicate. The administrator of the voice chat can share an invite link for other users to join and instantly interact. There is also a “raise the hand” option through which the users can ask permission from the admin to speak.

Description Of Telegram APK

Updated onSep 15, 2023
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Downloads1,000,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases$4.99–$35.99 per item
Content ratingMature 17+ Learn more
PermissionsView details
Interactive elementsUsers interact and share locations.
Released onSep 6, 2013
Offered byTelegram FZ-LLC

Features of the Telegram APK:

Privacy is a top concern:

In the world of messaging apps, Telegram has come to represent privacy, and here’s why:

End-to-End Encryption in Secret Chats:

Secret Chats users have the option to set timings for messages to self-destruct after a predetermined amount of time, further boosting privacy and preventing critical material from remaining accessible.

Self-Destructing Messages:

Secret Chats users have the option to set timings for messages to self-destruct after a predetermined amount of time, further boosting privacy and preventing critical material from remaining accessible.

Data Encryption:

Even standard chats on Telegram are encrypted in transit and at rest to protect user data from snoopers.

Data Control:

Users of Telegram have a great deal of control over their data. They have a high degree of privacy control over who can view their phone number, profile photo, and last seen status.

No Ads or Data Mining:

User privacy is at the core of Telegram’s business strategy. Unlike many other platforms, it does not make money from data mining or targeted advertising.

Outstanding Settings:

The user can choose who can and cannot see them online. The users can also choose who can see their status by opening the Telegram app and selecting Settings > Privacy and Security >Last Seen. Under Who Can See Your Last Seen Time? The user can select from the different options that appear.

Innovative Elements That Really Matter:

The unique messaging and communication methods employed by Telegram go hand in hand with its dedication to privacy:

Cloud-Based Messaging:

Telegram uses the cloud to store messages, media, and documents, allowing for seamless device synchronization. It ensures the prevention of data loss, and chats can be accessed from any location.

Large Group Chats and Channels:

Group chats on Telegram are possible with an astounding 200,000 users. Large towns, businesses, and organizations trying to improve communication have found this to be extremely helpful. Channels, which function similarly to group chats in that they enable one-way conversation, are perfect for disseminating information to a large audience.

Bots and Automation:

The comprehensive bot support offered by Telegram and its open API have encouraged innovation and automation. Productivity tools and news updates can be created and integrated by users.

Stickers and GIFs:

Conversations take on a more emotional quality because of Telegram’s huge sticker and GIF collection. It enables the development of a creative community by allowing users to create their own stickers.

Voice and Video Calls:

Voice and video calls are now part of Telegram’s expanding list of features, giving users a full range of communication options inside the app. To further ensure privacy, these calls are end-to-end encrypted.


In a digital era where privacy is most important, Telegram shines as a messaging tool that excellently possesses this characteristic. Telegram’s dedication to user privacy, is supported by end-to-end encryption, data control, and a revenue model free of invasive advertising.
Telegram is the best example of balancing privacy and technological advancement by providing a safe and adaptable messaging platform.

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