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Playing Tag After School on your PC has several advantages over playing it on your mobile device. Some of the advantages are:
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Tag After School APK is a fun game about a high school student named Shota-Kun who doesn’t enjoy being around people. The game was made by Genius Studio Japan Inc. It is a story-based game where you make choices. Players can control everything in the game.

Due to its original idea and fun gameplay, the game—which is accessible for both Android and iOS devices—has become very popular.

Tag After School APK for Android Download

The game is enjoyable because it has interactive events, unique art, different story paths, interesting characters, and free exploration.

Tag After School Apk was developed by Vincell Studios at the start of the year 2021. This is a special game specially made for game lovers who love to play different puzzle games with various challenges. This game is gaining attention a lot nowadays and even different gaming experts are involved in playing this game.

The gameplay of this game is easy to use and very appealing for the users. This is one of the most enhanced game which is loved by its users a lot. This game is runnng around a school and there are various floors in that school. In this gameplay, you need to clear various challenges and observe it. Your main motive is to solve and find the solution of the puzzle you will be playing.

Gameplay Of Tag After School APK:

It has a system that helps with movement. To move around the game, players tap on things and people on the screen. The game lets players choose different options that affect what happens next, making each time they play unique. In the empty school where the game is set, mischievous ghosts are waiting for players in the hallways. Players need to be smart and make quick choices.

Features Of Tag After School APK:

Visual Styling and Art Direction:

The game looks like a Japanese cartoon because it was inspired by Japanese anime. The scenery and characters look nice, and the 3D movements are amazing and match the anime style.

Multiple Outcomes and Decision-Making:

It is a game where players can change their lives by making decisions. The game has many different endings based on the choices the player makes.

The cast of Interesting Characters:

The game has cool characters and you can make friends with them. Talking to NPCs is enjoyable, and their stories become more fascinating as the player progresses in the game.

Free Roam Gameplay:

Players can explore every part of the game, including the dorms and classes. The game has hints to help players find their missing friend in the haunted school.

Thrilling Action:

The game has thrilling parts where players need to stay away from dangers, such as a woman wearing a red mask who appears occasionally and attempts to harm them. The scary feeling of the game makes players stay alert and be careful of enemies and traps.

Pros and Cons:


  • It is a game where you control what happens to your character and it has an interesting story.
  • The game looks like a cartoon with a special and different art style.
  • Players can choose from various story paths, which makes them feel in control of their actions.
  • The game has many interesting people, and even non-player characters have their own stories that players can follow.
  • Players can move around and explore the large, open-game world in “free roam” mode.
  • The game has thrilling action scenes that make it more exciting and immersive.


  • The game’s movement is simple and there are only a few ways to control it.
  • Some players may think this game is too easy and want a harder one.
  • People who don’t like making choices and prefer games with more action might not enjoy this game.
  • If players have finished all the stories, the game might not be enjoyable to play again.
  • The game’s scary atmosphere might not be suitable for everyone, especially young players or those who get scared easily.

How to Download the Latest Version of Tag After School on Android and iOS?

Downloading the latest version of the APK is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the app store on your phone. If you have an Android, it’s called the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone, it’s called the App Store.
  • Type “Tag After School” in the search bar and click submit to see the results.
  • Look for the app in the search results and tap on it.
  • Choose “Install” from the menu.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • After the application has been completely installed, you will be able to launch it and begin using it.

Steps to Install Tag After School APK:

Once you download APK on your device, you need to install it. What to do:

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Do what the screen tells you to do to give the app permission to do what it needs to do.
  • Once the app is installed, you will be directed to its main screen.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Tag After School APK Download on PC:

The following instructions will help you obtain Tag After School APK to your PC:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator:

You must obtain an Android emulator in order to use Tag After School APK on your computer. You can use software called Android emulators to operate Android apps and games on your PC. BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and Memu are a few of the well-known Android simulators.

Step 2: Installing the Android emulator:

You must run an Android emulator on your computer after downloading it. You simply need to follow the on-screen directions to finish the installation, which is a simple process.

Step 3: Download Tag After School APK:

You must first obtain the Tag After School APK file from a trustworthy source after setting up the Android emulator. From Top Free Games’ official website or any other reputable source, you can obtain the APK file.

Step 4: Install the Tag After School APK on the Android emulator:

You must install the Tag After School APK file on the Android emulator after getting it. You must first launch the emulator and go to the APK file you just got in order to accomplish this. When you double-click the download, the game will be installed on your computer by the emulator.

Step 5: Launch Tag After School:

You can start playing Tag After School on your PC after the installation is complete.

FAQs Of Tag After School APK:

  1. What is Tag After School app?

    Tag After School APK is an Android game made by Genius Studio Japan Inc. It is a story about a young man named Shota-Kun who goes through a haunted school. The choices he makes will affect his life.

  2. What kind of game is Tag After School APK?

    Tag After School APK is a game where you make choices and interact with characters and objects to decide how the story ends.

  3. What characters are in Tag After School APK?

    The game has many different and cool characters, including some that aren’t controlled by players. They have their own stories and backgrounds you can see as you play the game.

  4. What are some of the features of Tag After School APK?

    Tag After School APK has interactive events, unique art and visual styling, branching stories, interesting characters, free-roam gameplay, and exciting action.

  5. Is Tag After School APK a game that can be downloaded for free?

    Yes, the game is free.

  6. Can you give me some advice for playing this game?

    Yes, the article advises playing Brief Information. It suggests exploring the game world, saving progress, making smart choices, watching your health, and using your environment.

  7. Can I play a game with different options?

    Yes, you can make different choices in the game and see how they change the story.


It is a fun game that casual players can enjoy and get immersed in the story. The game is enjoyable because it has interactive events, unique art, stories that can go in different directions, interesting characters, and free roam gaming. Players can play the game many times with different choices because the game has a decision-based system, multiple outcomes, and an interesting plot. Download the Tag After School APK to control Shota-Kun’s future.

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