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Angry birds introduce everyone to the fun gameplay with the impressive ability to show that the player can destroy the pigs' castle and stell eggs. Due to this, a never-ending war begins, and every player needs to use their full attention to show that they can finish the level.
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
10 April, 2022
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Rovio classics Angry Bird APK: Angry Bird is the oldest game from the time of evolution of the phone device. The game runs well on low RAM devices and is especially famous among young and old generations. The gamer destroys the pigs and their fortress with the help of an angry bird. However, the developer has modified it, showing that players do not lose interest. Also, there are many updated and new levels in the game, new birds and updated monster pigs, etc. You will love the classic version of Rovio as the gameplay will show you the angry shooting birds to destroy the pig’s castle. Also, you will get all the 390 levels in this version.

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What is Ravio Classics Angry Birds APK?

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Angry birds introduce everyone to the fun gameplay with the impressive ability to show that the player can destroy the pigs’ castle and stell eggs. Due to this, a never-ending war begins, and every player needs to use their full attention to show that they can finish the level. More on the variety of birds is the best part for the players for exploring and can enjoy the gameplay. Grab the crossbow and fly the birds at the target. You will win rewards at the end of every level according to your performance and achievements.

Features Of Rovio Classics Angry Birds APK:

1. New Locations at every level:

Now angry Bird provides multiple locations with diffrent backgrounds. Every state has a new and exciting location and more on the castle of the pigs, due to which players make new strategies for winning the game. Grab the chance to win each level and open new biomes in every location. Also, unlock new birds and enjoy playing with them.

2. Birds:

In Ravio classic, you will get diffrent birds which you can use to shoot the pig’s castle and get the egg. The game provides you with powerful birds in every location, which you can use to destroy the pig’s castle.

3. Background Music:

Among us, most of us mute the game’s audio while playing. However, in the Angry Birds game, the chirp sound of birds in every game Level is different, and you are not going to get bored. However, other sounds of castles destroying and building falling are also impressive. The developer has given different sounds for each element.

4. Ads Fre:

The game is ads-free so that the player doesn’t get bored and irritated by watching ads in between. Also, like in other games, you don’t need to watch ads to unlock skins and increase your rewards, and here all things are free for their users.

5. Bespoke Your Birds:

If you are bored with watching the same colour Bird, you can customize it as the angry Bird provides you with the option of customizing the colour of birds by using the coins of your account. You can earn more coins at every stage and later use them to buy skins, costumes, masks, etc.

6. New Birds at every level:

The game won’t provide you with all birds at the start of the first level itself. As you pass the new stage, you will get a new offer of changing birds, and you can choose the Bird according to your preferences. A few Names of the birds are mentioned below:


The Bomb is an excellent chill type bird. However, getting worked up quickly is the best advantage, and the drawback is Bomb struggles to control his power.

Matilda(white Bird):

Also known as Hippie of the flock. Matilda is the head of angry bird Island, and she is the former angry Bird.

Mighty Eagle( The Eagle Bird):

Total Legend is another name, and this Bird is the Legend of mythical properties in the bird community. And because of its giant majestic wings, she is head.

Chuck( Yellowbird):

Chuck constantly runs at 100 mph, and her log mouth and commentary get her into trouble; in the updated version, she is quick enough to get out of trouble.

Reviews Of Rovio classics Angry birds APK:

  • Great remake! However, I’ve noticed two glaring issues with it that should be fixed and may turn veterans away from the game. First, the ambience sounds in the levels are broken, and the bird sounds sometimes are played at the wrong pitch. Second, many episodes present in the original game are missing, and I would like to see them added to the game. Also, searching ‘angry birds’ does not bring up the game in the results. If you could do that, I think more people would play it.
  • They did a great job with this remake, but there are a few flaws,* some of the later worlds aren’t present (such as the one where red homes in on enemies), and I hope they can re-add them later (but I understand they are making this game on new architecture). Two* the game freezes on the title screen, and I would have to delete the cache, which is very annoying, and I hope they fix it. Overall good game; I hope they remake more
  • Now, this is more of the Angry Birds I remember. Not riddled with ads and extra purchases, just fun gameplay. $1, and you instantly get all worlds and the Mighty Eagle. It doesn’t have as many worlds as the previous free version, but it seems like a choice to show that this is “classic”. I want to play the other worlds, but you can’t complain about $1. I’d much rather play this version anyway to avoid getting my experience interrupted by forced ads and watching ads for powerups.
  • Truly a reimagined version of the classic angry birds game. The menu is redone to look from 2012, and I love it! Also, all levels were not brought back, the most important ones were, and I’m sure the others could come in the future. On top of all this, ads don’t riddle the game every step of the way. Rovio has done a great job of bringing back this classic!

Pros and Cons Of Rovio classics Angry birds APK:

The game has an adorable rating and downloads on the play store. Here are some Pros and Cons of the game; check them out.


  • Amazing, just like the original theme.
  • Even with some polishing, it still has a nostalgic feeling.
  • And I’ve encountered no bugs yet!
  • Sound quality
  • The interface is smooth, and the layout is different for every level.
  • Better than the og, no ads and the free mighty eagle is lit.


  • Crashing a few times, If you open it to load the game on a few devices.
  • Runs slow, with constant popups saying Google Play Services is not responding.
  • Various levels but most of them are easy ones.

Final Words On Rovio Classics Angry Birds:

The updated version has several outstanding features as it got a few bugs but don’t worry, and this happens with every game. We have been playing this game for a month, and here we are finally with the final review. Also, we found it an interesting one. So don’t worry and go for it.

In this article, we have mentioned all the basic details and information of the Rovio Classics Angry Birds APK app. For more information or any queries, feel free to contact us. You can drop your questions in the comments section below, and we will reach you as soon as possible. Also, you can contact us on WhatsApp using the app icon provided on the page. We would be pleased to help you out with your queries.

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