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QuickShortcutMaker APK is an Android application that helps us in making shortcut. It makes shortcuts for the applications which are installed in your Android phone.
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July 17, 2021
4.0 And up

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QuickShortcutMaker APK is an app for Android devices whose main aim is to make your smart device or tablet or IOS easier to use and to better examine look of your desktop. More on it makes your android device interference good. You can choose your own icon shortcut. Moving further, not only for the determine ones, but for the pictures of your gallery. There is also option for setting name for the folder of your choice.

The QuickShortcutMaker APK app is developed by the sika524 Developers. That is designed to use on both tablets and Android devices. Android 4.0+ is the basic requirement to support the app. The APK app comes with a small size of 2.6Mb. It also has an overall 4.1 global rating. The app requires permissions to access information about networks.

What Is QuickShortcutMaker APK App.?

Quick Shortcut Maker

QuickShortcutMaker APK is an Android application that helps us in making shortcut. It makes shortcuts for the applications which are installed in your Android phone. However, also allows you to search and begin any application you want to use on your phone. As there are plenty of application that can increase the working ability of smartphone. And QuickShortcutMaker is on top of them.

QuickShortcutMaker is a simple app whose name explains what the APK is all about. It has a full recast of shortcuts. No requirement of roots. But More on, has a good compatible with all OS version.

All this is tremendously suitable for you. If there is a desire inside you to make the desktop of your device look more charming. Further more, to hide the app from anyone eyes, without making it difficult for you to get access in them. QuickShortcutMaker APK has a great feature. That allows you to create a shortcut not only for app, but for system too. For example, you can make a shortcut for switching network from 3G to 4G and from 4G to 5G.

Some Outstanding Features Of QuickShortcutMaker APK App?


QuickShortcutMaker APK app provides some superb features that make it so much better and easier to use. We have mentioned some of them below:

1.Free To Use The App:

If you want a fast and secure way to bypass FRP lock then QuickShortcutMaker APK is best for you. But, You can start using this app for free by just downloading it from our website by the link mention above.

2.ShortCut Creator:

 QuickShortcutMaker APK Application is currently one of the best apps. Which helps in creating a shortcut of the apps, and settings in Android. If you are looking for a quick shortcut option to access different mission in the app or a setting. Then the APK is perfect for you, can use this app without thinking any more. This app is being use by millions of Android users.

3.Safe And Secure:

As now a days there are plenty of website available on google. But, we aware of fraud as many website give you the virus and threats. You can download it from our website or from your trusted ones. As, our website is virus free and 100 percent safe and secure. The application is 100% safe and secure. This App does not contain any virus or threats. It also does not required any personal information of the user.

4.Great User Interface:

This application has a very fine and easy to use interface, however, this app does not give professional look. But it is user interface is much easy as compared to others application. Its use is simple and immediate.

5.Capable To Work With All Device:

Another good thing for QuickShortcutMaker APK is that it works perfectly fantastic with all of the smart devices. There is a limited amount of features available in this app, so you will not get confused while using it.

6.Easy To Use:

 Quick Shortcut Maker for Android has got a very easy interface which makes it easier for everyone to use it. Moreover, creating shortcuts by using QuickShortcutMaker APK App is very simple and has a quick tutorial. Which will be shown to you when you first run the app on your device.

7.Small In Size:

As, the size of APK is small as compare to other applications. So, it will not take more space in your device after the installation process. When you will open and use this app for creating shortcuts only then it will be consuming your device space and when you are not using the application then it will become idle.

8. FRP:

Google provides the FRP feature on every latest Android version. This helps in factory reset protection in FRP and it protects Android users personal data and Privacy from getting thefts.

How To Download And Install The App:

The QuickShortcutMaker APK app is very easy to download and install. Also, we have given the steps for the same to make it much easier for you, as follows:

  • First of all, you have to search for the name QuickShortcutMaker APK app in the browser of your device.
  • Then open apksall.com and click on the download option provided above.
  • After selecting the download button, the app will start to download in your device.
  • Then you have to allow the unknown app install option in the settings of your device.
  • After this you have to click on the settings, security and enable “installation from unknown source”.
  • Then click on the APK file that you have downloaded.
  • Next, the app will start to install in your device.
  • After this, the installation for the app in your device is completed and you can start using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is the app about?

The QuickShortcutMaker APK app is an application that allows you to easily make shortcuts on your Android devices.

Is it a free to use app?

Yes, the QuickShortcutMaker APK app is a free application and thus available for everyone to easily access.

With which devices can the app be used?

You can use the QuickShortcutMaker APK app with all devices very easily.

Where can we download this app from?

You can very easily download the app from the link we have provided in this article itself. Also, we have provided the steps to download and install the app to make your task much easier.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the QuickShortcutMaker APK app is completely safe and secure to use.


If you are looking for an app to create shortcuts in your Android devices, then the QuickShortcutMaker APK app is perfect for you. The QuickShortcutMaker APK app is an application that allows you to make shortcuts of your favourite apps in your Android devices. It is a free to use application and thus it is available for everyone to use. Also, it is very simple and easy to use. Having a user-friendly interface, this app is completely hassle free for its users to access. The QuickShortcutMaker APK app also provides its users with some amazing features to make their experience worth while. It is a great application for you to manage your apps. We have mentioned all about the features and installation process of the app above in this article. Hence, we recommend this application for you to very easily make shortcuts in your device.

Final Words:

In this article, we have mentioned all about the QuickShortcutMaker APK app. For more information or any queries, kindly drop a text in the comments section below. Also, you can contact us on WhatsApp via the app icon provided at the bottom of the page. We would be glad to help you out with your queries.

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