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The game operates similarly to other games in this genre, where the plot develops as you win fights and gain characters. You'll need to put together a team capable of taking on any difficulty.
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Are you seeking an action-packed role-playing game that transports you to a strange kingdom? The only game you need to find is OuterPlane APK.

This turn-based battle game will keep you on edge.

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Yo, this article’s got you covered on all things, how to play, the characters, and the plot. So, get ready to jump into the world of OuterPlane APK and use your strategic fighting skills to come out on top!

Introduction To OuterPlane APK:

In the role-playing game, you travel through an alien country in search of the First King’s wealth. However, things go wrong, and you find yourself in a plot full of secrets, betrayals, and personal growth. The game has a unique cartoon look that might remind you of gacha games like Tower of Fantasy or Honkai Star Rail.

Overview Of OuterPlane APK:

Game TitleGenreDeveloperPlatformRelease Date
OuterPlane APKRole-Playing GameSmilegate Holdings IncAndroid, iOSOctober 2022

Features Of OuterPlane APK:

Unique storylineThe plot is intriguing and full of suspense. The characters that players control are sent to another planet to find the First King’s treasure, but they soon become embroiled in a much larger conspiracy.
Stunning graphicsPlayers have completely immersed in the action thanks to the game’s fully produced 3D graphics. The cutscenes and animations are excellent, and the character designs in the anime style are distinctive and captivating.
Strategy-based combatBattles in OuterPlane must be won by players using a strategic approach. The goal of the game is to defeat enemies by assembling a team of characters with specialized skills and using combo attacks and various compositions.
Side quests and challengesIt offers players a variety of side missions and challenges in addition to the main plot. These increase the replay value of the game and keep players interested.
Guild and ArenaPlayers have access to the Guild and the Arena once they reach the necessary level, which opens up more gameplay options.
In-game purchasesWhile some players may find this to be a drawback, it is a typical aspect of mobile gaming.

Gameplay Mechanics Of Outerplane APK:

In it, you’ll need to put together a group of people with different skills to fight different enemies. Some of these figures have interesting animations that show how their personalities match their looks. Like other games in this genre, the story of this one develops as you win fights and get new characters. 

Strategic Combat:

The strategy battle system is one of the best parts of OuterPlane APK. You’ll have to use your fighting skills in a strategy-based setting to do well in the game. Your amazing move could change the way the battle is going, so use your skills carefully.

Dynamic Movement:

Use different combinations of strikes and different ways of putting them together to get rid of your enemies. The way the characters move gives the game more energy, and the combination of attacks makes the fights even more exciting.

Lovely 3D graphics

OuterPlane APK is a great game with amazing graphics and fully made 3D graphics that put you right in the middle of the action. Wow, this game is so cool! They really paid attention to all the little things, which makes it super fun to play.

Scenes that make you scream

The cutscenes in OuterPlane APK are some of the most interesting parts of the game. You’ll get lost in the bright, action-packed scenes and be amazed by the different ways each character fights.

Story of Heroes

OuterPlane APK’s story is a work of art that can be found. You’ll start a journey through an alien kingdom where you’ll face obstacles and find out about other stories. It is basically a storyline game the more you play, the more you’ll go deep into it

Blitzkrieg Bosses

To get your gifts, you have to choose the Special Request mode and fight the bosses who are very mean. Make sure to put together a team with different kinds of skills to handle these challenges.

The Arena and the Guild

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When you meet the level requirement, you can go to the Guild and the Arena. You can team up with other players through the Guild and take on tasks as a group. In this arena, you can fight in real time with other players.

Pros and Cons Table

Thrilling storylineCharacter customization is limited.
Amazing 3D graphicsGameplay is slow.
Scenes and animations that are interestingCan feel boring after a while
Combat based on strategySome features require in-game purchases. 
Character designs that are uniqueFew different types of battlegrounds
Challenges and side questsFew options for team building and strategy


OuterPlane APK is an exciting role-playing game with a unique feel. The game is sure to keep you interested with its strategic battle system, dynamic movement, beautiful graphics, and interesting cutscenes. Make sure to put together a group of people with different skills and take on the tasks of the alien kingdom.

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  1. Does OuterPlane APK work on both iOS and Android?

    Yes, both iOS and Android devices can run OuterPlane APK.

  2. Is OuterPlane APK a game that’s free to play?

    Yes, OuterPlane APK is a free game, but you can buy things inside the app.

  3. Can I play OuterPlane APK if I don’t have a link to the internet?

    No, you need to be connected to the internet to play OuterPlane APK.

  4. How do I put together a team in OuterPlane APK that has people with different skills?

    By collecting and building up characters with different skills, you can put together a team with specialized skills.

  5. Can I play OuterPlane APK with other people at the same time?

    Yes, you can play it with other people.

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