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Nothing launcher is far from being a complete lackluster launcher despite the ominous title. Currently, it only has three widgets, a wallpaper, and an icon size slider.
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1 May 2022
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Nothing Launcher Beta APK overview: If you’ve been looking for a new launcher for your Android smartphone, you might have come across the accessible version of Nothing Launcher. This app allows you to customize your home screen and other system settings without rooting your device. The app also allows you to preview your changes before applying them to your phone. And if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, you can even reset your settings using Nothing Launcher. It’s available for download for free from the app store.

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What is Nothing Launcher Beta APK?

Nothing launcher is far from being a complete lackluster launcher despite the ominous title. Currently, it only has three widgets, a wallpaper, and an icon size slider. However, it will evolve over time and eventually offer more features, such as Max Icons, folders, and direct app launch. Let’s take a look at what this app has to offer.

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Unlike other launchers, Nothing Launcher allows you to customize the home screen with a third-party icon pack. The app is helpful if you want your home screen to look like an iPhone. The lead photo shows a third-party icon pack called Verticals. Moreover, Nothing Launcher allows you to change your home screen’s name, location, and notification dots. You can also download free ringtones.

Features of Nothing Launcher Beta APK:

  • If you are looking for a launcher without the proprietary UI will appreciate Nothing Launcher. It is compatible with Android versions 8.0 and 12 (API 31).
  • It comes with a bespoke clock widget and weather widget.
  • Currently, the beta version of Nothing Launcher is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22.
  • Other Android phones that support Nothing Launcher include the OnePlus One, the Google Pixel 5, and the Google Pixel 6.
  • The beta version of the application will be compatible with more devices, including the OnePlus X and other high-end smartphones. It also works with Dropbox folders, meaning you can easily import and export data.
  • If you’re sick of the clutter on your home screen, the Nothing Launcher Beta APK may be the perfect app for you.
  • Its minimalist design makes it easy to access apps and widgets without cluttering the screen.
  • It features a customizable clock and weather widget, and the Notch interface allows you to switch between icons and their colors. Unlike the Google Launcher, Nothing Launcher does not require you to sign in to its settings panel to change its appearance.
  • You’ll have a new home screen with the icons and widgets you want to customize when finished. You can also use this application for the lock screen.

Some Unique Features:

There are many unique features of Nothing Launcher:

  • Its unique design language and bespoke widgets are notable features.
  • You’ll find custom clock widgets, dot matrix font, and Max Folders.
  • This app is an excellent start for a new OS.
  • Nothing OS Phone 1 is next in line.

Complaints against Nothing Launcher Beta APK:

The developer, Pei, has set up a Discord channel specifically for feedback on the beta version. Most of the complaints have to do with the lack of a Google Discover feed on the left-hand side when swiping to the left. Other complaints revolve around the lack of Material You integration, which is not fully integrated yet. Nothing Launcher is still a great way to test the app and make sure it is ready for production despite these issues.

Pros and Cons :

# Cons:

  • The lack of Google Discover feed when you swipe to the left and the beta app does not integrate Material You. Meanwhile, the beta app is a great way to test the new Nothing OS.
  • While the beta version of Nothing Launcher is not ready for prime time, it already offers plenty of standout features. Compatible with Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 smartphones, it is compatible with Samsung S21 and S22 series devices.
  • The latest beta version of Nothing Launcher is 1.0.0 and requires Android 8.0 or higher. This new beta version offers you a preview of the new OS, a familiar interface, etc.

# Pros:

  • Not only is Nothing Launcher free to download, but it also looks and feels like the stock Android launcher.
  • It features circular app icons and a single Custom Wallpaper.
  • The customize to add apps, change their order, and create custom folders. It also supports the ‘Shared’ feature, which allows users to share their favorite apps with others.
  • For some people, the quality of the Notification Center is a big plus, and the Notifications widget is an excellent example.

How to use Nothing Launcher Beta APK?

If you’ve been unable to find anything useful in the default launcher, you may be interested in trying out the beta app for the Nothing smartphone. This app is not an OEM launcher and lacks the usual widgets and icons that you’ll find on Android. It works by pairing Android 12’s Material You engine with a minimalist, flat design that’s easy to customize. The downside of Nothing Launcher is that it’s not yet a stock Android experience, but it’s still an excellent first choice.

Does the Nothing Launcher Include Dot-Matrix?

The Launcher includes a dot-matrix typeface, which is reminiscent of the logo of the original Nothing. In addition, it provides a 4×5 app grid, which can be customized to fit your needs. The notification dots can be enabled or disabled to ensure you get a consistent notification tone and look.

What is the selected group’s name for whom the beta Version is available?

The beta version of Nothing Launcher is only available for a select group of phones, including Samsung Galaxy S21, S22, Google Pixel 5, and higher. OnePlus support is scheduled to be added soon.

What are the unique features Of the Nothing Launcher?

This Launcher has similar features as the stock Android launcher, but it features circular app icons, a custom wallpaper, and a minimalist theme. The app includes two widgets with dot-matrix typography. One of the widgets is a weather widget, and the other is a clock.


The app comes with a free version, which is quite helpful for those who don’t like the bloated interface of most Android launchers. Its unique features include an expanded view of app directories and individual apps and launching software directly from folders. There are two exclusive wallpapers for the Nothing Launcher app and three ringtones to select. The app also has a dot matrix font that matches its logo.

The None Launcher beta supports the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 smartphones, but it doesn’t support OnePlus devices. However, it does offer some unique features that other launchers don’t, including the ability to control the size of your icons. You should know a few things about Nothing Launcher before you download it. While it’s still in beta, it offers a unique experience and will hopefully become a standard feature on future Nothing smartphones.

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