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Download Fashion Star 11.5.5 APK for Android and embark on a journey to shoot movies, rise to fame, and become a fashion icon in this captivating dress-up game!
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25 October 2023
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Hollywood Story APK: This game is behind our imagination; it is a game that makes your dreams come true, allows you to showcase your inner actor, allows you to be the main character of movies, allows you to live a king-size lavish life full of enjoyment, and enhances your acting career.

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It is a game application where you must build your own character according to your own interests. This game was developed by Nanobit, and it gives you a chance to become a superstar in the Hollywood industry.  Apart from this, the game enhances your acting skills; here you can customize all characters according to you, which includes outfits, hair color, height, lifestyle, and personality.

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However, after completing all these pieces of stuff, you can go for giving demos for your acting career and start from small projects and do modeling until you get a big project in which you aim.

Additional Information:

NameHollywood Story MOD APK
Package Nameorg.nanobit.hollywood
Size156.55 Mb
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+

Gameplay Of Hollywood Story Mod APK:

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While playing this Mod game, you must learn many skills, like time management and how to keep your reputation safe. I will go to various events and interviews. You must do live shows, move on the red carpet in the Oscar Award ceremony, and most importantly, keep your affairs private and relations safe with directors.

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The game does provide you with amazing features such as gym training, driving mode, dating, and social features where you can experience all social media platforms and interact with your fans worldwide. You can drive and go to the parties of other celebrities and enjoy yourself.

Hollywood Story APK Image

It offers you a highly real-life virtual experience that makes you think that it is real. The 3D graphics, user-friendly and simple-to-use interface, and bucket full of mission

Fashion Star Mod APK

If you want to experience the life of an actor, then the True Hollywood Story APK is a good choice for you.

Features of Hollywood Story MOD APK

Now let us explore the features of Hollywood Story APK without wasting time:

Customization of characters:

You all have made your avatar on Snapchat and WhatsApp; likewise, in the same manner, here you must create your own character, from hair to shoes. You will get a variety of options for character customization and appearances, and you can manage your clothing style, your car collections, and your accessories and change them in the middle of the game.

Struggling phase to becoming a star:

Starting your dream journey, from a normal guy with big dreams to becoming a celebrity and living a luxurious life Starting with small side roles and ads, waiting for an offer to prove yourself as a star, and knocking out the entire industry by giving blockbuster movies Showcase your skills and become a most lovable actor with billions of fans.

Skills of management:

In this game, you must learn to manage, as you must manage your money, your time, and your timetable. You must manage your reputation too; we are aware of hidden cameras; you must learn how to manage relationships; you must manage social and private life; and you have to manage your affairs too.

Interaction and greetings:

You must greet and interact with others, which includes celebrities, directors, story writers, songwriters, and producers. Likewise, you must build relationships with other characters, talk about upcoming projects, manage the movie shooting dates, and most importantly, interact with networks where you can boost your career.

Explore the world:

This game gives you the opportunity to travel the whole world and explore your favorite places around the globe. Can visit and explore the whole Hollywood city. Also, other famous spots and places from around the world, such as the 7 Wonders of the World, can be cinemas, theaters, malls, cafes, hotels, and pubs. You can spend your secret vacations with your girlfriend, friends, or other characters in the games.


In this game, you can participate in different events and must present in different interviews. Can do live performances and enjoy a world full of virtual reality.

Social handling and interaction:

The game provides you with options for interaction and social media handling. Here, you can manage and interact directly with your fans. You can post about your events and upcoming movies about your social life so that your fans can come to know what is going on in your life.

Bried about the modes and graphics:

The developer has designed the game in such a manner that it should leave an impact on the player and become habitual to the game’s virtual reality. Let us explore the graphics of the game:

Characters Animation:

The characters are designed in 3D illustrations, and it is up to the player how he wants to customize his character. The developer has provided an all-in-one platform where you can explore and customize the characters according to your preferences, from hair color to beard settings, from gym wear to stylish clothes. You will never face any difficulties with the customization, as it is easy to use.

Cities and location:

Hollywood City is built with 3D graphics so that the user should think that it is real. When you visit any place in the game, it will look like the real world, and the shopping complexes, theaters, cafes, and airports are all created by using ultra-high-quality graphics.

Planting and Decoration: You can plant in your villas or decorate your house. In this game, you will get all the customization options according to your preferences.  The graphics of the decorations are designed in such a good manner that they look real.


You can shop here, pay bills for your shopping, book hotels and tickets, and even buy cars. What else is needed?

Create your living space:

Design your living room in a luxurious way to keep your lifestyle luxurious. Redesign and create your home in a unique way to maintain your lifestyle.

A Glimpse into the Hollywood Story APK

It is a mobile application where players can enjoy the thrilling universe of Hollywood.  So let’s explore:

Creating your own star:

Character Customization:

It allows you to create and personalize your star, from appearance to personality.

Name and Backstory:

Make your customization, name your character, compose the background story, and take the first step toward your Hollywood journey.

The Glamorous Life

Fashion and Wardrobe:

Make your wardrobe full of designer outfits and stay ahead of fashion trends by dressing your star.

Luxurious Real Estate:

Buy and build your dream house or villa, and decorate it according to your preferences.

Navigating Hollywood

Career Choices:

Choose where you want to establish your career, which includes acting, modeling, and pop sensations.

Social Interactions:

Build strong relationships with other characters, including celebrities, directors, and more.

The Art of Networking

Parties and Events:

Attend and host parties according to your choice, and extend your connections and network in the world of Hollywood.

Love Life:

Explore dating and proposing other co-actors, keeping affairs with them, and feeling the complexities of romance.

Gameplay and Challenges

Quests and Missions:

Complete levels and missions to gain money and rewards and achieve stardom.


We are always ready to face challenges, which are mostly for testing your star’s stardom and determination.

How to play Hollywood Story APK Latest Version (Oct Updated):

Installation Process:

First, download the app from the APKSALL website and install it, as it is available for both iOS and Android. When the apk file downloading is completed install it.

Customizing your character:

When you kickstart the game first you need to create your personality and can create it according to your taste, you will get a brief guide about how to customize it.

Struggle Journey:

After successfully completing the journey your struggle phase starts you search for different producers and showcase your skills, and will get rejections too, and start with small ads, and supporting roles, and wait for a chance to show your skills, must really work hard in this game to fulfill your dreams.


Must learn management skills, as I have described above in this post, and must learn to manage time so that you can participate in different events, activities, shows, and events. So that you can enhance your skills. Must manage dates to meet with producers and other work-related queries.

Rule on Hollywood City:

By showcasing your skills, get a famous lead among the top actors of the game, and explore the luxurious life.  Must visit different locations for shooting, shopping, opening ceremonies as a chief guest, dating, and much more.

Participating in events:

Must participate in different events and explore the events world, where you must prove that you are on top of the Hollywood world.

Social handling:

Can explore all the social media and interact with your fans and enjoy with them, reply to their comments, and let them know about your upcoming projects.

Pay bills:

Must pay bills for your expenses, can take a loan from the banks, must make advance bookings, and must buy each and everything like one does in a normal life span.

Note: Playing these games needs time and it develops your skills, how to manage time, financial skills, and how to make networks. If you follow these roles you will stand on the top in your careers.

Pros and Cons of Hollywood Story MOD unlimited diamonds APK:


  • They have beautiful and detailed graphics for the users giving a creative and realistic environment.
  • There are many customization options that are available on this app. Now, users can create their own characters and decorate their bungalow.
  • This application offers a lot with a wide variety of activities and events such as filming, concerts, fashion events, film festivals, and contests. This will bring a lot of fun to the game.
  • You will get more socialize with other people and players. Even you can make friends, you can visit their houses, and even participate in social activities. This will make this game more interesting and you can even feel a connection between you and your friends.


  • Since this application is free to use some premium features and add-ons are the things you need to buy with money suitable to purchase. So, it will be needed to purchase the things to get premium features as a pressure.
  • You will need more time and money to do the management of things as you will need to complete all the tasks you are given and even more money for shopping.
  • You cannot even play this game offline as there is no gameplay without an internet connection. This is very important to have a stable network connection to avoid all glitches and errors.


The Hollywood Star app is an extremely exciting game for users with many features who love to be the protagonist of their own favorite movie story and become a star. You can experience multidimensional and better experiences with beautiful and detailed experiences with social interactivity and diversity. It is the best game for having many of the challenges and in the last, you can succeed in the Hollywood world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I download the Hollywood Story APK for free?

Yes, you can download and enjoy making your characters and play Hollywood Story APK for free.  However,  you can also download a mod version from APKSALL for this game.

Is Hollywood Story APK available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, it is available for both Android and iOS users.

Are there any age restrictions for playing Hollywood Story APK?

No, but we suggest that those aged 12 years or above should only play due to its mild themes.

Can I interact with other players in the game?

No, you can’t.

Is an internet connection required to play Hollywood Story APK?

Yes, you need a suitable internet connection.

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