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In Android devices which are not in the 4.4+ KitKat version and in some cases even iOS or other operating systems.
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GCam apk: Nowadays, you will not find people who are using dumbphones. Most people are using smartphones or switched to them. In addition, many people say that great smartphones come with great cameras. Even budget smartphones have a fairly basic system configuration. Also, have a decent camera with which you can click amazing photos and even shoot vlogs.

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However, if you are using a budget smartphone. You may have realized that the image quality is not even close to those captured on high-end smartphones. When image clarity and detail are taken into consideration.

Fortunately, image quality can be greatly improved by installing an additional camera app. Yes, you guessed right. We are talking about the GCam apk which is one of the best external camera apps which is offered by Google and used by lots of people because of its features. So in this article, we will tell you how you can install the GCam app on your Android smartphone.

Download GCam apk version 8.2 2022

GCam APK or Google Camera is a camera facility enabling application that is often included in all Android devices. At this point, it only runs on the latest Android versions and has several features that warrant its popularity and use.

GCam APK Image

The Google Camera is one of the most popular camera applications for Android devices. It is often considered to be the best Android selfie camera application and can often be regulated using the Google voice assistant. This means the Google Camera application is easy to use remotely. It provides clear quality images in a higher resolution that can be easily edited using mobile photo editing apps. The app version enables the usage of the GCam in Android devices which are not in the 4.4+ KitKat version and some cases even iOS or other operating systems.

What is GCam Apk?

GCam Apk is considered to be one of the most popular platforms for people who love photography or videography as it is offered by Google. This application is sure to meet all the requirements of all types of users and is perfectly designed for vloggers. In addition, you will be amazed by the photo clicked using this camera app as it enhanced the quality of the photo.

GCam apk image

Furthermore, It has advanced rendering and processing features that will surely amaze you guys. You will be surprised to see the photos and videos you have taken because there will be very wonderful results from your efforts. Moreover, the Google Camera apk is packed with quirky features that will definitely blow your mind. The results of your photography and filming will shock you with incredible results. You won’t believe your ability to capture so many charming photos and videos.

GCam APK Feature Details

HDR+ Enhancement:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is one of the most popular software technologies used in this Gcam apk which is responsible for taking better photos. Many modern smartphones have an Auto HDR feature that automatically detects if HDR is needed. HDR is mainly used in situations such as backlighting, direct sunlight effects, portraits against the sun, sky and landscape photography.

Night mode:

Mobile cameras are getting better every day, but if you click a photo in low light, no matter how good your phone’s camera is, you’ll end up clicking a poor-quality photo. The camera hardware can click much better pictures, but it can’t shoot well in low light conditions, so it’s all a game of light and the Google camera apk has a lot of artificial light in the camera. There are software features that also made me increase the shutter speed so that the camera can capture as much light as possible to capture a quality photo.


Furthermore, this GCam ap comes with Portrait features that will create a tied effect on the background to enhance the beauty of the image. Almost every photo today has a portrait feature, and many mobile phones are equipped with special camera lenses to create a blur effect. GCam APK also has this feature and if your smartphone doesn’t have a portrait feature, it uses AI-based technology to detect the height, length and density between the subject and the background to create a blur effect.

Simple UI:

GCam’s UI is very good, with no bugs or lags, very simple and easy to use, and better than most pre-installed or default smartphone camera apps. The requested mode was not found because all modes have a section. The shutter speed is also very good and the camera shutter has no lag. It also comes ad-free.

Video Stabilization:

If you shoot video and move the camera manually, the camera will capture shaky footage, even if your device supports Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). Good video That’s why GCam apk has special video stabilization options that can stabilize your video in any situation.

Smart Burst:

Hold the shutter button and click to take a smart burst, shooting up to 10 frames per second. The artificial intelligence feature finds and highlights the best photos so you can easily find the perfect shot. As well as generating animated GIFs in no time, you can use this feature to create many creative works.

Automatic low-light detection:

The best thing about GCam apk is not just hardcore machine learning, but advanced artificial intelligence. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning work together to achieve the best results. Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence selects modes or functions to be used in certain scenarios.

Quick Switching Options:

Last but not least, the Google camera apk adds the ability to quickly switch between modes. For example, Night Sight mode is on by default, but if you don’t want to improve it, you can simply turn it off with a switch.

Salient features of using GCam APK

Some great features make the GCam APK so popular. In this segment of the article, we will look at some of the most important APK GCam 8.2 version 2022 features.

Great photosphere:

The photosphere enables users to use this application to take 360° panoramic photoshoots. This camera application also provides a very clear and crisp photo sphere boundary for regular photography as well. This means correct lighting is maintained throughout the photograph and there are no bends or pigmentations at the edges of the photograph.

Great quality HDR mode:

The HDR mode provided by the Google camera application apk is considered to be much better than all other Android photography applications including the built-in camera applications that Android devices usually come with. The HDR mode is important for good-quality photography since the inherent photo quality depends on its production at the moment of the first click.

Professional grade lens blur option:

The lens blur option is great to focus on the depth and dimension of any photograph, and can at times replace or substitute the need for a triple-lens camera or quadruple lens camera feature which your Android device might lack. The lens blur option in GC cam APK is quite professional grade. HD quality and lens blur are such features that need to be present during the photoshoot itself. Adding them later can make the effect artificial and cheap.

Offers RAW image capture:

The Google camera application has many additional features such as the ability for users to capture images RAW, thus improving their quality and increasing the is with which they can be edited or uploaded to various social media applications websites.

Improves upon the built-in features:

To some extent, your Google camera application can work to develop the internal features provided by your Android device camera application or even the hardware itself. Even then it is important to note that the Google camera application cannot completely transform your smartphone camera if its build quality is poor.

 How to use GCam or Google camera on mobile?

GCam Apk is the easiest and most convenient app to use. You should familiarize yourself with the keys and options of this program. This way, these keys and options are more easily accessible. When you enter this program, you will see this home page.

GCam apk image

To quickly switch between modes, just swipe right on the screen. In addition, you can switch photo mode to video mode with a single click on the screen. You can easily zoom in and out with a swipe.

In addition, you’ll see little bars that show how much you’ve zoomed in or out. In addition, you will see options to change the flash, exposure and front camera. Additionally, there is an option to place a 3×3 grid at the bottom of the screen.

GCam compatible devices:

Earlier its use was limited to Pixel phones only but now the GCam APK provided by Google is compatible with almost all popular smartphones like Samsung, Xiaomi Poco, Redmi, OnePlus and also Snapdragon 845-based Android devices. From our previous post Gcam 8.4.200, you can see all the features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro camera. The best part is that the latest Gcam 8.4 mode allows you to use additional camera lenses (telephoto and ultra-wide). It provides better image quality.

GCam apk Image

Alternatively, you can download the most stable Gcam 8.4 Mod APK for Android devices. It can also be installed on Android 12, 11, 10 or older versions like 9.0 Pie. The best thing about Gcam 8.4 is that it is a modified GCam app that runs on most third-party or non-Pixel Android phones.

GCam APK: Pros and Cons?


  • This GCam apk Comes with Do not disturb features which automatic remove all notification or call while recording a video.
  • In addition, this Google Camera apk has to record video at 24 frames per second.
  • Further, It adds the ability to control the brightness of the photo and HDR, and hold the shutter button to take the best shot
  • In addition, this camera app comes with Night view, portrait mode, pan-kinematics, and many more.
  • Also, it comes with auto light features which add colour to their photos.
  • This is 100 % safe and comes with a clean and attractive UI.
  • The Google camera application is completely free to use as long as you have supporting devices like Google Nexus or Pixel.
  • The Google camera application allows you to take panorama shorts using the Android stock camera.
  • The GC cam HDR mode can be activated or deactivated using simple touch manoeuvres.


  • While using this GCam apk you will see that some of the tools are hidden.
  • You will have to first see the instruction while using this camera app.
  • In addition, it does not come with auto-update features.
  • The Google camera application cannot change the existing features or resolution of your smartphone camera.
  • Photosphere does not work on every CPU. However, this can be corrected by using the correct APK version.
  • The original GC cam will not run on Android devices of versions older than 4.4+ KitKat.

Final Words:

The GCam apk is not limited to its specific functions, but also includes all other functions of a regular camera. In this way, you will be offered the opportunity to enjoy both at the same time. Apart from that, Apk files also increase the charm of this app. You can enjoy it with normal features of personal apps and features of APK files. From this app, you will find all these features in one platform. No need to go to another app because this app fulfils all your needs.

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