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In India, there are about 5-10 fantasy apps with small prize money. But Dream11 APKis one of the most famous fantasy cricket apps in India. In which people can win millions of bucks.
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Dream11 APK: Hello, today we are going to talk about Dream11. If you are interested in sports, do you know games like cricket, football, and Kabaddi? Then don’t waste your knowledge; here is the platform to gain your understanding. Dream11 is a fantasy cricket app on which there is a winning amount of more than 50 crores every day, and people earn daily money from here by selecting their team. 

As you know, there is a huge craze a huge craze for IPL cricket matches worldwide. Because it has almost all the cricket teams in the world. And when different teams are made by combining all those teams, the thrill increases even more. And earn money by winning. If you do not know Dream11, then we will give you complete information about it.

Dream 11 apk image
Dream 11 APK image

Review of Dream11 Apk:

Dream11 APK is an interesting way to bet on the cricket matches happening around the world from the comfort of your own home. Instead of going to the match, you can use the Dream11 app and place your bets from the comforts of your home with your laptop or mobile phone, whichever you prefer! To learn more about Dream11 APK, check out this article on Dream11 APK to find out more about it!

What is the Dream11 APK?

Dream11 is a famous and trending Indian fantasy sports platform that can be accessed on various platforms, such as Android, iOS, PC, and MacBook. In which you have to make a team by using your cricket knowledge. Through the Dream 11 app, a user can create a team according to his own for a game like cricket, hockey, or football, all in the name of the real player, and if the team and the selected players perform well in that match, then they get money in return.

Now, it is the most popular online gaming platform in India and the first gaming company in the country to join the ‘Unicorn Club’. There are lots of fantasy sports available on the market, but out of all, the Dream 11 app is the best and most trusted application by many users and helps them earn money.

Briefly, what is Dream11 APK?

The Dream11 APK is a cricket fantasy app that you can use to earn money. You pick a team, see who performs best, and then get paid out of a pool of cash that is collected by all users during a given period. This money is split according to what percentage each user holds within the pool. If you own 20% of a prize pool, you’ll earn 20% of all profits made throughout that period, meaning you have an incentive to support other users as well!

Dream 11 apk image
Dream 11 APK image

In India, there are about 5–10 fantasy apps with small prize money. But Dream11 APK is one of the most famous fantasy cricket apps in India. Which people can win millions of bucks? This is how it works: you pick a team and earn points based on how many runs these players score for your team. The user who scores more points on average gets higher rankings. Multiple matches are going on every day between two teams; each match has two innings, one from each side, which means that all batsmen in both teams face off twice in a match. If they have done well, they will get 1 point for their efforts.

What are other sports available on Dream11 APK?

Some of you might be wondering why I’m telling you all about Dream11 APK. The reason is simple: all of us want to make money online, and if we can do it with a little bit of effort, then that would be awesome. Have a look at other sports too:

  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Horse riding

Some outstanding features of this Dream11 application are:

  • This Dream11 app comes with a lot of outstanding features that make this fantasy app different from other platforms. That’s why below we have mentioned some of the features.
  • Most importantly, the Dream11 app comes with a simple and easy user interface, which makes it easier for people to create a team.
  • Also, it is the best application for those who want to earn money while creating their favorite team, like an IPL match dream team.
  • Moreover, the Dream11 app is safer and more secure than other fantasy sports applications. Also, they protect their users’ data from malware activities.
  • Additionally, it doesn’t charge any amount while doing transactions.
  • Sometimes, you will get a bonus ticket, which helps you join any contest for free.
  • In addition, you can also compete with your friends and check which team is best.
  • Also, it supports instant banking transfers, which means you get a chance to transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Interesting Features in Brief Provided by the Dream11 APK:

1. Play games for free:

Many sites offer you the chance to play games for free. To start playing these games, you have to download and install the Dream11 app. This will enable you to play games on your phone and earn unlimited money by winning matches. You can also share your account with other players or users online and ask them to subscribe or pay a certain amount of money to use your account. When other people use your account, you will get paid some money every month by that particular user for using his or her account. That is why it is important for one person not to share their username with any number of people. It is also important that one change their password from time to time to ensure safety and security.

2. Win Prizes Worth Millions of Dollars:

As there are numerous contests held by many reputed institutions, you could potentially win a lot of money without spending anything. If you want to win cash, sweepstakes, and instant prizes, just download Dream11 APK, which is a game app where you can win millions of dollars in prizes. The best part about it is that there is no investment needed. So if you have not downloaded it on your device, do so today!

3. The app comes with a clean and intuitive user interface.

Dream11 is a great platform for all fantasy cricket enthusiasts who are in search of an app that not only lets them play Dream League but also provides them with a clean and intuitive user interface. The app comes with some easy-to-use features and performs pretty well on different devices, including Android phones and iPhones. It is worth mentioning here that all members can access their Dream League account on both mobile and web. However, you will need to provide your email address to sign up for the Dream11 APK. This way, all your Fantasy League details will be kept safe and secure. Thus, it has become quite easy for users to browse through or search their fantasy cricket teams as they are provided with multiple options related to various leagues like the World Cup or IPL fantasy league.

4. Over 10 million users:

Launched in February 2016, Dream11 already has over 10 million registered users. The app offers a platform for people who want to be part of a fantasy league with their family, friends, and colleagues. Users can create their leagues and invite friends to participate. However, some companies have been wary of using it in their workplaces, as they may not understand how it works or if they are even allowed to play fantasy sports at work.

How do I register for this Dream 11 app?

First of all, you have to join Dream11 Fantasy Cricket. For this, you should use the referral link so that you can get the benefit of 100 rupees. Without the Refer link, you have to add your money to Dream11, so click on the Refer link and use the same code.

  • The first step is to click on the Register button to join Dream 11.
  • After clicking the Register button, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will have to enter some basic details and a referral code.
  • Now the Register and Play screens are open. After this, you have the choice to skip or enter the referral code. Also, you have to enter your email ID, phone number, and password to get registered on this platform.
  • Once you have done this, tap on the REGISTER button.
  • Then, verify the phone number and email ID using the OTP.
  • As soon as you enter an OTP, you will be redirected to the next page, where you have to enter basic details like name, address, bank details, and more.
  • Finally, start creating your dream team using this application.

How do I create a team in Dream11?

Dream 11 apk image
Dream 11 APK image

You can easily create your dream team by playing 11 of both teams. You can choose any 11 players from the two sides that you think will be the best. First, you have to log into the Dream 11 app and then start creating your dream team.

Firstly, select the Dream11 team by choosing 1 wicketkeeper, 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders, and 3-5 bowlers. You will get 100 points to select your dream 11 team from the list of players who are playing in that match.

After selecting your Dream11 team, you have to select a captain and vice-captain. Whom do you choose to captain?

Then, you will select the contest that you have to join by using the amount of money. Additionally, you can join various contests, such as mega contests, H2H, triple matches, and many more.

Also, you can join the practice match, which will help you understand how this platform works.

Now that you have selected the match, as soon as that match starts, your rank increases and decreases according to the performance of the players you selected. You can also see it simultaneously in Dream 11.

How do I play and win Dream11 Cricket tips?

Before selecting the players of the Dream11 team, see the performance of their previous match, and then select your team.

Also, after selecting your team, keep an eye on every news story related to that match if you do not select players who are not in that match.

Before the match starts, it must be seen which player is on the team; if not, then you should change it.

You have to do research on which player will be best for the captain and vice-captain positions. This will help you become the winner of Dream 11.

In addition, select the captain and vice-captain of the team and make sure of the player’s position. 

If you use more than one mobile, then select a different team on both mobiles.

Before selecting your Dream11 team, get the Dream11 prediction information from a website like Playing Idea.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Rules and Points System:

  • Whichever captain you select, its points are doubled, i.e., multiplied by 2.
  • The vice captain’s point gets multiplied by 1.5.
  • If the batsman scores a run, he gets 0.5 points.
  • If the blower from your team takes a wicket, then you will get 10 points.
  • Furthermore, a player who makes a catch will be awarded 4 points.
  • Additionally, the player who hits the boundary will get 0.5 points.
  • Hitting a six gets 1 point.
  • Moreover, the blower who takes a maiden over will get 4 points in T20 and 2 points in OID.
  • How do I download the Dream11 app on a mobile device?
  • The first step is to get the Dream 11 APK file by clicking the download link mentioned below.
  • Secondly, you have to go inside the browser setting and grant access to unknown source permission.
  • After this, tap the APK file of this Dream 11 app and wait for a while until this application gets installed.
  • Then, open this Dream 11 app and give access to all necessary permissions.
  • Lastly, start creating the dream team using this Dream 11 app.
Dream 11 apk image
Dream 11 APK image

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dream 11 App:

1. What is an APK file?

An APK (short for application package) file is an archive file format used to distribute application software to mobile devices. An APK file contains all of a device’s application software and metadata needed for installation and execution. Downloading an APK that corresponds to your device allows you to install new applications directly on your phone or tablet. You can also side-load apps onto devices manually using an APK—usually by placing it in a folder on your device’s storage.

2. Is Dream11 APK safe to use?

Using Dream11 APK on your Android smartphone or tablet is safe. The reason behind that is that it has been designed and developed by YI Technology Pvt. Ltd., which is a well-known app-developing company in India. It means that you can use it without any hesitation because there won’t be any malware to steal your data or money. Now, you may wonder if Dream11 APK cheats are legal or not. If yes, then let me tell you why they are considered to be legal. The answer is yes because these types of games and apps don’t ask users to place bets while playing; they just help them win more prizes in less time. Isn’t it amazing?

Final Words:

Without a doubt, this Dream11 app is the best choice for people who want to create their dream team and can compete with other players. One more thing about this fantasy sports platform is that it is used by millions of users because of the premium features it offers for free. We hope you will love this Dream 11 app because it supports instant bank transfers, which makes it a more trusted application.

While Dream11 APK is an app available on Android and iOS that is still new to many, it appears to be growing in popularity. The app has a lot of appeal because it is fun and easy to use, making it popular with both fans and casual bettors alike. Overall, Dream11 APK does look like a promising new company. After downloading their app for Android or iOS, you will quickly see why it has become so popular already.

So give Dream11 APK a try today if you haven’t already! If you’re not sure what to bet on in your next cricket match, try out the Dream11 app! If you want to download this application, get it through our official app store, Apksall.


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