How to Delete Game Pigeon from iOS iMessage App 2024?

A Guide to Delete the Game Pigeon App from iOS

Delete Game Pigeon from iOS: iPhone is a well-known word in the world of mobile phones where one can have a seamless experience while using them. On iPhone, there’s a special and popular iMessage game that is known for entertaining people regularly. This feature is provided to the users by default however if you want to give a farewell to this game. Then, we will provide you with the right instructions and directions to say goodbye from your iPhone.

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This article will inform you about the deleting process for the game Pigeon on iOS. So let’s know about the step-by-step process for the following.

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Step-by-step process of deleting the Game Pigeon from iOS

Step 1:

Open your home screen

  • First, you need to unlock your iPhone.
  • Then open the home screen where all the applications are on display.

Step 2:

Find Game Pigeon Application

  • Find firstly the Game Pigeon App by scanning your home screen.
  • You can even use the search feature to find the Game Pigeon Application.

Step 3:

Open the Edit Mode

  • After finding the application, you need to press and hold the Game Pigeon application icon which will start to wiggle.
  • From which you can enter the Edit mode where you will be allowed to make changes in the application.

Step 4:

Click on “X” icon

  • Again, the app icons are wiggling then you can notice a small ‘X’ icon that will appear to you on the top left corner of the Game Pigeon application.
  • Now, just open that ‘X’ to start the process of deleting the application.

Step 5:

Confirm the deletion process

  • There will be a confirmation message on your screen that will ask you if you want to delete the application or not.
  • Now, what’s more, you need to click on the confirm button to initiate the process.

Step 6:

Left the Edit Mode

  • Tap on the home button and slide deep down to the left of the edit mode.
  • The applications will stop wiggling and the changes required by you will be made.

Step 7:

Find out the Residual Data

  • Though you have deleted the application, even then it may be stored in the residual date.
  • So, you need to open the settings of your iPhone where one can use the navigation while going from “General” to “iPhone’s storage.
  • Now, what’s more, the Game Pigeon is the list of apps that were deleted and stored in residual data.

Step 8:

Deletion done

  • There will be a final message from their side to delete the application.
  • Now, you need to tap again on the confirm button so that the deletion process can be completed.

On the last note

By removing this Game Pigeon, you can have some storage space in your iPhone. This will give you some personalized space where you can put applications of your choice. We have detailed to you the process that we need to follow to delete the Game Pigeon so what are you waiting for use this process and free up your space. If you still have queries, comment down in the comment box.

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