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Project Bloodstrike: In a world where the mysterious and evil Mega Corp. has taken over, Project Bloodstrike is a covert army of the people that are fighting for freedom. Bloodstrike Soldiers are trained to fight in all different aspects of war, from
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Project Bloodstrike apk

Project Bloodstrike apk: If you are looking for an intense FPS shooter then this Project Bloodstrike will be the right choice for you as it has the same action gameplay as other multiplayer games. With this game, you enter the new world of Project Bloodstrike, a new action first-person shooter on your mobile device.

The Project Bloodstrike apk game is loved by many players because it improves their gaming experience and allows them to play in a team and have to humiliate other players. In this game. You can use an arsenal of deadly weapons to fight your way through the levels to help you survive against enemies and bosses, and gain power-ups and power-ups.

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Project Bloodstrike mobile game comes with everything you want from an action game like fast gameplay, great graphics, amazing updates, and much more.

What is Project Bloodstrike apk?

Project Bloodstrike APK is a brutal FPS game offered by NetEase Games. It offers a completely new gameplay that combines the perfect fusion of roguelike and FPS genres. The game takes place in the not-so-distant future, where powerful enemies have taken over the world.

Project Bloodstrike apk Image

He is a member of an elite group of soldiers sent to destroy the enemy. You have to use your skills and strategic thinking to level up and eliminate your enemies. The game is full of action and challenging missions. This game is well thought out and provides a hypnotic gaming experience.

Features of Project Bloodstrike apk:

Exciting Gameplay:

Being a Battle Royale game, it is obvious that the Project Bloodstrike game will be very exciting as it is one of the most important games. The entire gaming experience depends on the game itself. Here, players will enter the battlefield where their main goal will be to survive until the end.

Lethal Weapons:

As a Battle Royale game, there are many deadly weapons available. All these weapons can be your savior and help you defend yourself in fierce battles with your enemies, you will find yourself stronger than ever in the Project Bloodstrike apk game.

Build Your Team:

Since this is a multiplayer game, it is obvious that you need to build your team to defeat your opponents in battle and win. You can create a team with characters from the game or create a team with players from around the world. Playing with friends makes the game more fun, so you can invite your friends to play wherever you are.

Awesome Customization:

Customization is something that helps users add their twist to the Project Bloodstrike apk game or create things just for you. Here we make everything more attractive and fun for users. You can customize the available weapons and customize your character in the game.

Better Graphics:

Graphics have the power to change the entire gaming experience. Since the Project Bloodstrike game comes from NetEase, you are sure to get the latest 3D graphics here. The aim is to give you a real experience of playing this game. You feel like you are standing on a real battlefield.

Intuitive controls:

When it comes to the controls of the Project Bloodstrike apk game, the developers of this app have done a great job. Since this game is specially made for mobile devices, the developer has made it easy to control the game. This allows anyone to play games on their mobile devices without any hassle.

Project Bloodstrike apk: Pros and Cons?


  • The user interface is very intuitive, just a double tap to get started.
  • You can customize everything in the game as you want and enjoy the adventure.
  • The Project Bloodstrike apk game has a surround sound system that makes you enjoy every minute of the game.
  • The game has many collectibles located on the battlefield, each with a unique and distinct purpose
  • You can easily download any version of the app.


  • As the game size is 2 GB, so it may be difficult to use on phones with low RAM.
  • Downloading apps from anywhere can be dangerous for your phone.
  • You can’t able to play this game on old android devices as it runs on Android 7.1 or an up-version phone.


How can I play Project Bloodstrike on Android?

You can play Project Bloodstrike apk on Android by downloading the game from the Play Store and the link mentioned below in this post for free. You simply install the game and start enjoying the gameplay along with its graphics.

Is Project Bloodstrike available worldwide?

No! This game is in beta mode and not available worldwide. Developer NetEase Games has released Bloodstrike Beta Apk on Google Play Store in the Philippines. To download and play this game in other countries, you need to download the Project Bloodstrike OBB Apk file and play using the VPN.

Is the download safe?

Yes! It is completely safe and virus free to download because our website has also tested this game.

The Bottom Line

Project Bloodstrike apk is a great game that everyone will enjoy. It has intense action, stunning graphics, and an immersive sound system. Plus, it’s easy to organize and has many collections. Download an amazing FPS game.

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